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INJ Anadrol/INJ Dbol question


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Jul 7, 2013
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Ok guys so this question has nothing to do with SB. And these orders came well before I was a REP for him.

I have some INJ versions of Dbol and Anadrol from a private source not on the boards. Although I can’t go into detail I can give some details about me using them in the past. I have used a lot of their Test and Deca… good results - as expected when running these anabolics. Ive used them for several things over the last two years and they’ve always been good to me.

However I have recently had some issues with them with this latest order and I’ve also gotten some Primo from them that I suspect isn’t primo. I’m getting off track although I’m, in a way, explaining my mindset and why I’m questioning some things.

So I’ve used INJ Dbol and Anadrol in the past (not with this source) and these vials I have now are in thick thick oil. I have no idea what type of oil it is but it’s thick!! Not thick because it’s cold but constantly thick… it takes a while to draw.

So my question to the home brew guys.. or anyone with knowledge about these types of hormones is does this type of INJ Dbol or Anadrol supposed to be in thick oil like this? I’ve used TNE before and it was almost like water compared to this. Is this a standard protocol to use INJ forms of orals in thick oil?

I assumed it was going to be more like TNE… to the Vets if you message me I’ll disclose the source (if I know you and you care to know… however I wont give details about how to contact them unless it’s cleared by my contact first… sry guys).

Any suggestions guys? I guess I could always pin it and see for myself but I’m in the research gathering mode right now and this seems wrong to me. I could be completely incorrect but that’s what we have these forums for. Thanks in advance