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I'm seeing an influx of new members + my natural transformation from 16-22


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Jan 8, 2022
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Get Shredded!
I'm fairly new myself, but It's nice to see new faces.
I've noticed one thing:
The common denominator between these new users is very simple and is the same thing. Questions about AAS.

Firstly I'd like to give a disclaimer and state: If you have less than 5 years of lifting IMO you have no right to touch Anabolics/Androgenics. I am just now getting into this side of the bodybuilding world.
Background information.
When people ask me what I do to stay in shape or be fit I simply respond with Kickboxing/Grappling because it's pretty much the truth. I do my strength training to supplement my fight sport hobby but now i'm getting tired of it and am starting to really have a new love for bodybuilding.

Everytime I look back on these photos I die a little bit inside, but damn am I happy I started training.
16 year old touchless virgin 5'5 158 lb's


17 year old still a touchless virgin 5'5 150lb's

The next two years were very slow, still had 0 clue about training and nutrition, would just go into class spar, do some pad work, go home and eat taco bell
20 years old and finally getting somewhere
5'6 144 lbs
21 years old and i remember one day after class I started crying to my coach about me being super insecure and how my striking is not getting any better- this is when the strength and conditioning started coming into play
5'6 147lbs


I can only attach 5 files at most, I will continue this post in the next message


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The very last image was me in previous thread was at start of 2021
That is when I used cardarine for the first time ever: my natural card has been revoked at this point: still no anabolic/androgenic use though.
This is the most recent picture of me in 2022
5'7 160 lb's
I love fight sports, but man the point of this post was me making my transition into bodybuilding.
I have 2 bottles of cyp + 1 bottle of EQ waiting.
Going to start my first ever cycle at the start of June. I cannot wait.
Also; dont worry guys, I got a haircut and rid of my man bun. Gf says its the best thing i've ever done.
Also I would like to be an example of prolonged hypertrophy for anyone out there who was like me. Dont use steroids until your base is legit! I finally feel worthy enough to go to the next level.

That's awesome man good job!!! That said, I still say stick to test only first time. Seems like you know what ur doing so I promise 500mg of test will work magic
That's awesome man good job!!! That said, I still say stick to test only first time. Seems like you know what ur doing so I promise 500mg of test will work magic
Appreciate it bro! i'm very hyped and nervous. I got nolva, caber, hcg on hand. Getting bloods done soon. I want to do this right and optimize every drop of that sweet oil.