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I think I found my favorite stack


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Oct 6, 2013
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Get Shredded!
I told myself I swore tren off after turning 40. Did a few fantastic cycles with great results. TPP/NPP/Mast P is a phenomenal example and then I did a run of TPP/NPP/DHB and it would have been so much better if I wouldn’t have brewed the two short esters with the DHB because it does have significant bite with the PIP. Goes in nice and smooth and doesn’t really get sore until about day three and then it is hard to train the muscle for several days. So to combat that I used quite a few sites for injections. So that leads me to the point, I have a vacation coming up at the end of July that will be 7 days of being on the water with a group of friends and I wanted to polish off my physique. Decided I would give the tried and true Test prop/tren ace/mast prop combo with Stenbolone added in. Talk about synergy, two weeks in and my muscles look like they do towards the end of a run. Strength is through the roof and unfortunately so is the insomnia and heartburn but those are the two symptoms I always get from tren. Have bloodwork scheduled at the 4 week mark and the 8 week. If my numbers aren’t too out of whack I’m going to throw in either var or tbol. Var shoots my bp up so that is the marker that will determine if it is go or no go. No alcohol and eating super clean but so far this is a win in my book for cycle choices.

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