HPTA Restart/Reboot? Has anyone tried this?


Dec 22, 2014
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Has anyone ever tried to restart their HPTA (hyper pituitary testicular axis) after a cycle that didn't go accordingly? Or if they've been suffering from symptoms of low test?

Basically, I'm 25 years old and my situation right now is that I ran a simple cycle about a year and half ago of TestC 500mg for about 12 weeks and I noticed around the 10th to 11th week mark my testicles had shrunken a lot and I started to suffer from testicular atrophy. So, immediately realizing that I decided to drop the test and run my PCT accordingly. After waiting a couple months I ran my lab results and I couldn't necessarily interpret them because I didn't run any baseline work before the cycle or during the cycle (i'm young and dumb). Anyways, I thought everything recovered properly because the lab results didn't show my test being in the low range. So, months went by and I felt pretty normal as far as my mood and energy levels go. However, as time progressed I started to notice signs of erectile dysfunction, testicular atrophy, and low libido all correlating to symptoms of secondary hypergodasim (Low T). Now I ran bloodwork about a year later and noticed that both my free serum and free test had dropped a bit going from 538 to 476 and to 12.8 to 10.6. I started becoming more and more concerned about this and something had just felt off in the last year. Again, my mood and energy levels are great, my doctor hadn't recommended me for TRT, but I know for a fact that something was wrong with my libido, my testes, and erectile function was all over the place. So, I've been doing more and more research on HCG, Test, Clomid, HPTA Restart protocols and everything in between to learn as much as I can about hopefully fixing this situation. I've found some online physicians that i'm going to work with soon from LowTNation and see if this can be fixed so I wont be placed on TRT/HCG for forever or whatever follows.

My question is has anyone tried a 4-10week HPTA restart protocol to get their HPTA to function back again properly? Has this worked? Were you using HCG or either Clomid? Were you also taking Test while taking the HCG?
An HPTA restart protocol varies person to person, but usually running HCG (while or without Test) for 4-weeks and then clomid after at specified dosages.

Thank you guys.

---> Here's some videos/research sources