How-To Check Order Status and Details


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Dec 26, 2014
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How-to Check Order Status and Details

What is the current status of your order?
Have you submitted payment and want to know if the payment has been successfully received and confirmed by the source yet?
Do you want to see if tracking info has been uploaded yet?**

Order Statuses and What They Mean
is assigned immediately after you place an order.
2. PAYMENT IS BEING CHECKED is assigned after you submit payment information into your account, but not yet confirmed to the order.
3. ORDER PROCESSING is assigned after we pick up the payment and have begun its preparation for shipping. Preparation time for international orders can take at most up to 8-10 days.
4. ORDER SHIPPED is assigned as soon as your package is handed over to the shipping company. In a while after that we will give you a tracking number sent to your order details here on the site!
(this information may also be found in the "FAQ" on the source's site)

You can check the status and details an order by logging into your account on the Basicstero website and clicking the "My orders" option on your account dashboard for the list of order details.

*NOTE: be careful, don't accidentally click "Delete" when selecting "Details" -- on some browsers/platforms these option may display close to one another.
**NOTE: as explained in the "FAQ" on the source's site, tracking is not provided until after a point that allows for safety of the source's shippers and warehouse staff. This does not delay delivery itself (the pack is moving in the postal system even if tracking info has not been uploaded). Please be patient; this policy is intended to increase our customers' and our staff's safety.


If you log on to you Basicstero account, you can find your order history under the "My orders" section. There you can find the status of your orders and under the "details" action there you will be able to find a page with all of the order details including any tracking numbers (if tracking has been uploaded yet). If tracking is not there, it simply means it has not yet been uploaded -- when the source uploads the info, it will appear there in the order details.

IMPORTANT: When trying to view an order's details, be careful to avoid accidentally clicking "Delete" when intending to select "Details" -- on some browsers/platforms these option may display close to one another.