How does this pct sound for coming off a long old cycle


Feb 11, 2015
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england baby
Get Shredded!
Been on cycle for 20 weeks
Which has included tren enth, dbol, drol and test e
Currently just on 400mg test e a week
With tamoxifen and letro

I have this proposed pct 3 weeks after last test e jab...

Chlomid 100/50/25/25 weeks 1-4
Hcg 2500IU a week in two jabs
I was gonna take the letro throughout
And take 20mg of tamoxifen (nolva) a day tapering down to 10mg in weeks 3&4

And has anyone used kratos pharma's meds before?


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Aug 24, 2016
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Hcg should not be used drink pct as it is supressive.

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Jan 15, 2013
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Your best bet is to be on test only for a couple weeks. Taper the test down to a trt dose (gives a much more accurate picture of when everything will be clearing). On the last day you take say 200mg test, begin a heavy dose of hcg. Run the heavy hcg with aromasin for 3-4 weeks and go get blood work. If your test levels are acceptable begin clomid and aromasin. If not continue the hcg for 2-3 more weeks and retest.

If heavy hcg protocol can not produce acceptable levels it's time for trt, or a visit to the endo to look for underlying causes.


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Jul 10, 2014
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I personally do not like 4 week PCT, though it is very common and has been around for a long time.

Working side by side with endo's, I learned that natural HPTA can take anywhere from 2-12months to fully return in each user. Of course using certain compounds definitely expedites this..

HCG of course being suppressive, however for the first week or two of PCT (long term PCT) it is advantageous that it spikes LH and FSH, and it also targets testicular atrophy. Think of it like jump starting a car..then of course you must consider that it is suppressive and so therefore your true PCT needs to be run for longer terms after administering it. Think of PCT as a "process".

So even a basic Clomid and Nolva PCT for say 2-3 months duration, AFTER ,even hypothetically doing say 2-3 shots of hcg @ 500mgs E3d for the first 2 weeks, is by far superior to a basic PCT protocol of only 4 weeks.

The proof, if you must have it, is if you look at prescribed HRT/TRT, many of these doctors are now using Clomid therapy only. 25-50mgs ED for 3-6 month periods to try and turn back on the users HPTA. Remember clomid is NOT suppressive.

So running it longer, is always advantageous. It is far better to risk sides of clomid (acne and mood swings being most common) then being deficient in testosterone and losing muscle, gaining bodyfat, losing strength, and psychological disturbances such as mood swings and depression not to mention low testosterone is commonly attributed to lower libido and potentially partial impotence, etc..

Remember, Anti-E's like clomid also show increases in Free Testosterone levels as well as a benefit.

Commonly even a patient who is hypogonadal, say 240 nanos or below, can gain 2-300 nanos on their total testosterone levels using only 25mgs ED over a few month period.

If you are going to bridge or just go back on say 60 days later then much of PCT is done in vain. I would argue a "bridge" at low dosage would be far superior. 100mgs of Cyp E4d in most users 18-50 years old will put the average user in a frame of 700-1200 nanos (on average).

^^My 2cents^^
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