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HIT Workout - Build Muscle With This High Intensity Training Routine


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May 13, 2016
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Get Shredded!
HIT training is unlike any muscle building approach you've ever tried. Workouts are brisk, intense, focusing on moderate volume, training to failure and recovery.


Workout Description​

It wasn't very long ago that HIT, or high intensity training, was the brunt of many jokes. Claims were being tossed around that HIT was the most efficient method of building muscle.
Many proponents of HIT were very vocal about this belief. Because of this, a certain faction of HIT trainees became known as HIT Jedis.
I am neither a HIT Jedi, nor do I believe HIT is the "only" way to build muscle. With that said, I believe HIT workouts can be a viable way to train for many individuals.
Fullbody workouts are making a comeback as research seems to indicate that natural bodybuilders are better off training more frequently, rather than once per week. Now if you think about HIT training, it is really just a fullbody workout with a more moderate volume.
Here are the staples of HIT training:
  • Frequency - Train only 2-3x per week.
  • Moderate Volume - Generally 1-2 sets per exercise.
  • Failure - Most sets and exercises are taken to the point of muscular failure.
  • Rest - Workouts are performed at a brisk pace. There are no long rest periods between sets.
Because of workout intensity, overall sets are restricted. Rest and recovery are stressed.
The following HIT workout schedule can be performed 2-3 times per week. I recommend playing things by ear. When you feel recovered hit the gym. There is no need to stick to a tight schedule. Just make sure you take at least one day of rest off in between workouts.

HIT Workout Routine​

For squats you want to use an appropriate warmup protocol. You will also not be training to failure on squats. Do as many safe reps as you can using good form.
If you feel like you need warmup sets for any of these exercises, do them. Just make sure to maintain a brisk workout pace.