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hi new


Dec 17, 2014
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Get Shredded!
hey new to site 5 10 195 trying to do a bulking cycle any input would be appriciated
Welcome to the community. Tons of info here to get you where you wanna be

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Welcome to the community.
Welcome Aboard .
Welcome bro. Let's get some more stats so we can help you out!
welcome!! Stickys are your new nest friend! Check them out under each of the sections on here. TONS of great info from guys who know whats up...
hey im 23 been training on and off for 5 years ran one 10 week cycle last year of test p and tren not sure as what dose was real dumb about it and just listened to a friend. have not been in the gym but twice all year started a new job that just consumed my life just recently bought a gym membership and gonna get back serious with it hope to train 4 days out the week i have some test cyp 250 10ml havent started because i want to run with something else. also got some clen from a website tho and dont think it is real not seeing any resultse

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btw thanks for responses
also what is the stickys you talk about reading
Welcome you will like this forum it has everything.
Welcome, you will find everything you need over in the Anabolic sub-forum in terms of cycle advice. dieting and nutrition has its own subforum as well. Reasearch and enjoy the results!