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Hgh touchdown


Oct 10, 2013
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Like I said in heavy irons thread I'm not super worried about it because I feel like other people have reported the same issue but my hgh is not solid pucks. Zero vials actually are intact some worse than others. I've ordered multiple kits from Canada peptides and Pharmatropin and never once had a broken puck this time not a single one isn't broken lol. Anyway hoping it's nothing because I've seen these things testing awesome! Haven't used one yet so can't commit on vacuum or reconstitution.
Here's a pic to illustrate how these look vs others. Orange top is puretropin red is somatropin from Canada peptides and the blue is Pharmatropin. I had planned to use hgh based on which I've had the longest. However I'm wondering if I should move these puretropin to the front of the line. I'm thinking the fact the pucks are all broken up they will degrade faster than my other growth that is solid pucks. Is this logical to anyone else?

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I've had pures pucks broken up for 5 months in the fridge and still tested great.

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Ok cool! Maybe I'll just stick with my original plan then to use them based on oldest to newest
I think Montys were broken up but he scored well.
Mine were wrecked and they tested at 28 and some change. Definitely g2g. You're definitely in for a good time with the puretropins