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HELP: Baseline Bloods - privatemdlabs


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Sep 23, 2020
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Just got my baseline blood results in. I fasted for 12 hours beforehand. I'm 25, about 182lbs at 12% body fat. I haven't taken anything before. Had my blood tested in the morning and started my 12 week 400mg/week test E cycle that afternoon with a 200mg pin.

My estradiol and MCH came in very slightly above the range. FSH was also high. I haven't noticed any symptoms or anything. I have a pretty high sex drive so I was surprised to see this.

Am I good to keep going in the cycle? I have Arimidex on hand. I'm guessing i'll just need to use it sooner than later. Would appreciate any advice interpreting my results.


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Jul 10, 2014
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No, theres nothing here that stands out as bad or out of range(out of range noteworthy- you have 3 items out of range that are so mild its not worth even mentioning barely)

The E is literally 1 digit out of range. FSH and MCH also are just a drop off range. Zero to be worried about here yet.

Recall, bloodwork is a photo of your body at the very moment in time, think of the old school Polaroid pictures. What you did the days before and the night before and that am can impact your labs 100% and does not prove that these numbers are "actual" per say. You want consistent labs, if you really wanna see what is going on in the body regularly.

I def would retest every few months if you can. For HRT, most endos make you test every single month for months 1-4 at the very least for this very reason.

Not sure if you are taking any meds, drugs, or anything that can cause those mild variations, but if not and you are simply sensitive, just jump on a low dose AI while on cycle and problem is solved.

Good luck sir.