hCG during cycle or for PCT?


Mar 5, 2017
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I'm 19 years old.


Height: 6ft 7in.
Weight: 300lbs.
Lifts: 315 bench, 585 deadlift + I generally don't squat because I find it to be far from ideal for my height.

I'm looking to take my physique to the next level, and delve in to the world of men's physique/fitness modelling to make some money while at university.

After a lot of background reading on the pros and cons of oral only cycles (Anavar), I decided that, somewhat obviously, the best starter cycle would be 500mg Test E for 12 weeks with a Nolva PCT, in conjunction with Clen (I really don't mind the sides), with the goal being to drop as much bodyfat as possible while slightly increasing muscle mass.

I had a few questions. Would an AI be required during cycle, or only if sides crop up? And should hCG be used during cycle or post-cycle, because looking at the research, using it post cycle results in a massive spike of estrogen?


Sep 1, 2012
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Read the "First Cycle and PCT" sticky. Most questions answered there, many hours of reading.

Consider the risks of doing this at all, the chances of permanent damage to your natty HPTA, the possible need for TRT forever afterward, etc.

An AI most definitely should be on hand and most likely will have to be used. 12.5 mg/day of aromasin, for example. Only bloodwork will tell you how to dial it in. Get bloods before the cycle too, your last chance to get them before corrupting your system with exogenous hormones.

No clomid for PCT? It's the primary med to use, much better than nolva at blocking estrogen at the key glands that need to be restarted during PCT. What research led you to go with nolva only? It does help as a combo w/ clomid however, and is always needed in case of emergency gyno.

HCG is best used throughout the cycle at 500-1000 IU/wk IMO but some choose to just blast it at the end right before PCT. It's needed to reawaken the atrophied testes.

Again, you sure you want to shut down the testes, hypothalamus, and pituitary at this age? Many peeps have started early (Arnie at 15) but it's not risk-free.