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Great Deal on Bayer Proviron!!! [emoji3060]


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Oct 23, 2012
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Get Shredded!
GrAnabolic has a phenomenal deal on pharma grade Bayer Proviron. 200 x 25mg tabs for $200!!!!!! that’s a steal!!

Proviron is a great addition to any cycle or your cruise/trt. Proviron is great for alleviating libido or impotence issues. It will also increase your bio available testosterone (or free testosterone) in your body by binding to SHBG. Typical dose for proviron has been shown to be between 25mg daily in upwards to 250mg daily. Though for myself, I have found my sweet spot to be between 50-75mg daily. Like all steroids, it’s best to cycle this drug. A typical cycle of proviron is between 6-14 weeks on average. It’s good to give your body a break from heavy DHT derived steroids like proviron or masterone due to the negative effect it can have on your prostate. Long term use has been shown to cause prostate enlargement on some users.

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Real provi, very good working. allow me to remind our customer the latest test we made ..:


We still offer customer the same batch so there is no problem w quality,
You don’t get numbers much better than that!

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Great deal,nicely dosed..love what proviron has to offer
24.54? Thoes grimy greedy no good fucking pharmaceutical companies. Where's the .46, haha. Jk don't get much better then that.
Couldn't resist this deal....

I had to order after GR threw in another 10% off! Can't wait to jump back on Bayer Provi