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Got a #

IML Gear Cream!
he better hope is boss dont invest in a roomba and fire both of them

cat roomba GIF
Between the new "gear guy", rabbit hole, and this one I'm gonna be sore as hell in the morning from laughing.
All these misadventures make you wonder what's wrong with this Jrup cat 😂
jrup ask your turret GF if the voice in her head has turrets
I ended up texting her . We literally pushed brooms together from 7am til 3pm . We talked about every thing from past jobs to arrest

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Bro, that's your thirsty voice talking for you, just remain friends with her...you can stay friends this way. you're already in one loveless relationship, ask yourself this; do you really want be in two loveless relationships? that would suck... don't ask me how I know lol
Get back on the seroquel bro. Hope you're good.