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Got a #

Get Shredded!
Does your loveless girl know about the Tourettes girl?

Or are you just using her for a free place to live?
You should end it now. I spend every day thinking about how much of my life I wasted with my ex.
I know you know this brother, but it's good to hear it from outside.........it's a waste of time to think about the time you wasted. We take the lessons and march forward.
Did that for a long bit post divorce ; psychic/emotional anchor thorned into my mind.
I'm sure @jrup1986 will have a juicy tale about his adventure to tell real soon!
Fuckkkkk you made me laugh. Is that bad? I mean I attract the most toxic chicks that definitely is a disability on its own 😂😂😂
Yeah they cray cray!
He better hurry up and answer or @heckler7 is gonna have a stroke. Red eyes, teeth and fists clenched, seething with anger.

"Answer the fucking question!"

Angry Inside Out GIF by Disney Pixar
Stupid me fell for it today. After I was starting to heal. Boom she texts me. Its like she sniffed it and was like let me fuck with his head.
They are little devils for sure!
Get Shredded!
Think Jrup's baking a special batch of muffins for his d d d d ate!
Maybe both? Who knows? 🤷
I low key feel bad for the current girlfriend. Then again, maybe she's texting Michael J. Fox on the side.
Between the new "gear guy", rabbit hole, and this one I'm gonna be sore as hell in the morning from laughing.