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Aug 20, 2013
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Give PSL a review (earn discounts/CREDIT/FREE PRODUCTS) or Post BLOODS and get paid!

Dear community,

Do you want to know if Puritysourcelabs.ru is SAFE & SECURE? Ask here in this thread hosted at the "Source checking & Discussion" section.
Does Puritysourcelabs.ru sell authentic products? Ask here in this thread hosted at the "Source checking & Discussion" section.
Do you want to discuss and ask questions with members about Puritysourcelabs.ru? Ask here in this thread hosted at the "Source checking & Discussion" section.

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There's MORE - earn additional savings by posting your blood-work HERE in the "Source checking & Discussion"
Or on PSL's sub forum thread designated to bloodwork ONLY
💉🩸 Blood work incentives and how to take bloods! Only at PSL🩸 💉
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How you test bloods, learn how to by reading below
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to private message any of our team sales associates/reps that're active daily within your community

Team PSL Vision

~How to take bloods~

Checking your Testosterone TT or HGH serum levels through blood work!
(Textbook testing)

In today's age we are limited to testing methods when testing our HGH serum levels due to expense factors.. Though direct HGH serum blood work seems to be the only practical method we have available when it concerns "Meat Heads on a budget" such as PrivateLabs/labcorp, it's known as a "Crude method" like all blood work, however it's a good indicator of where we came from, where we are, and where we are going!

Before we begin, I want to mention the fact that there are different testing methods that will yields different results so please read..

The protocol below is focused around HGH, but please read about the types of tests that would still apply for "TESTOSTERONE" serum readings and a more accurate final report..

For Testosterone LONG esters: 4-5 weeks out is best for a more accurate serum reading, this is the gold standard with 3 days after last injection.. The testing assay that is selected will provide a different result thus is it highly recommending to use a sensitive test that is NOT capped (some tests cap off after 1500, LC MS-MS will not cap) , ::LC MS-MS FEMALE TEST CLICK HERE:: <--- cheapest and best option for TESTOSTERONE SERUMS
You do NOT need to be fasted for testosterone levels..

Attention - To avoid Cross reactivity with tren to estro, false positives, Do not test TT when using Tren.
With blood work there's always going to be draw-backs and the potentials of contamination and report problems, one limitation of steroid hormone immunoassays is interference caused by compounds with structural similarity to the target steroid of the assay.
(In some cases Tren to Estrogen) Interfering molecules include structurally related endogenous compounds and their metabolites as well as drugs such as anabolic steroids..

Types of tests:
ECLIA vs LC MS-MS; ECLIA Method which is short for "Electrochemiluminescent Immunoassay".. It’s a fast and affordable method to measure total hormones in your blood. Many labs and hospitals (ER's) use this method because it’s automatic and doesn’t require too much work on a lab technician’s part, it's simply the standard affordable method done by most clinics for blood tests.. It's not reliable or entirely accurate.. It's simply just a "standard generic method", fast turn around, nothing more, nothing less...It's simply just a fast, quick snap shot for the moment to give almost instant results, so it's somewhat accurate for that sole purpose when it concerns "Just tell me whats going on now, yes or no"...

LC MS-MS Method is short for "liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry". It’s considered the gold standard method by many researchers in measuring small molecules. Its accuracy and consistency is why the CDC is recommending LC/MS to be the standard method used when testing HGH/IGF or even total testosterone. Because LC/MS is more sensitive than ECLIA, doctors typically use this method when testing patients with really low levels with HGH or even again - testosterone levels, and testing individuals such as women and children. While it’s more accurate and sensitive, the LC/MS method is more expensive than ECLIA. And it takes a bit longer to get your results...Always place into great consideration that with the LC MS-MS method it will be more pronounced with measuring specific concentrations..

The truth of the matter is, HGH serum levels only validates it's legitimacy NOT potency because testing results will vary "dramatically" from each individual to the next.. Testing HGH levels is a crude method at best, at the same time providing a keen indication on what's taken place.. IGF levels would be the best testing to provide if there is any REAL activity, however this method for HGH serum is decent enough to show something..

Testing for IGF serum levels is one of the better methods to assure the quality, in which will help validate the authenticity of the product!

FYI; Always have a baseline, knowing your baseline is pivotal especially if you have a history with testing and having a complete understanding of what your REAL baseline is, this way comparisons can be applied from prior dates to future instances, or even protocols, as there's numerous variables that may effect results..

Test pricing can range from 55-75$ in some cases for a HGH panel http://www.privatemdlabs.com/Testing HGH serum through a blood panel is NOT the current lab standard, IGF levels establish the effectiveness of TRUE HGH levels,and they are seen and recognized by a labs aspect as the RELIABLE standard (depending on time of day, diet and/or the influence of injection of HGH(exogenous) other then natural levels (endogenous ),However, I'm not suggesting that HGH labs are poor with inaccuracy, in fact I'm going to implementing that it's a GREAT alternative compared to the expensive lab standards, as it can provide overwhelming evidence if your HGH is in fact real HGH..

Now, if your utilizing HGH through subq/IM administration (exogenous influence) your levels will spike approximately 3 hrs after administration, an IGF analysis is completely unnecessary UNLESS you have tested prior for baseline levels and wish to compare, the simple HGH serum test will yield a sufficient readout if in fact your HGH is legit or not, as your HGH serum will stand far outside of the standard reference range.. FACT- This is a proven method to determine a YES or NO.. (Its's suggested to do a pre base line readings on HGH & IGF levels for comparison)
Also, always keep notes when testing, with each pre and post test method..

Preparing for Blood test (6-10ius pre testing)

There's a lot of controversy in regards to fasting vs finding it unnecessary.. There's some truth behind this for great reason, such as fasting enhances growth hormone secretion and amplifies the complex rhythms of growth hormone secretion in men (when testing natural levels), levels can be very infrequent and erratic, especially during a fed state, as many nutrients posses an unpredictable effect on GH release in most people..(metabolization sensitivity will vary).. However, when testing 3hrs after IM injection of HGH fasting has been proven to be irrelevant to serum levels (in some/most patients).In order to rule out and opposing factors that can be questionable with manipulation through serum levels, it is SUGGESTED to fast 6-10 hrs pre-blood drawing so levels are NOT BLUNTED. Carbohydrate intake should be lowered considerably 24 hrs prior, up until 6-10 hrs fast, there after no consumption (glucose may suppress GH release effecting spike levels)..

Injection spot: IMO it is best to use a site that has little to NO scar tissue, and is NOT a frequented injection site of the user. The Bicep is a GREAT option due to more virgin tissue opposed to the delt region as most users opt for that area for oils.
Dosages and Serum levels to expect

6-8ius can yield 15-50 ng/mL as ranges can vary (this has been proven in real life experiences, regardless of the quality, generic or US Pharma grade,some user do NOT respond well with HGH injections, fact this is why it's suggested to keep notes from prior testing) Toss text book reads out the window!

Remain inactive pre-testing

As Further recommendations have it, absolutely no strenuous or rigorous stimulation through activities such as running, walking, or exercising, anything that can stimulation hormonal levels and HGH secretions..

Consumption of water is fine, a glass or 2 will NOT hurt, but limit hrs up until testing..

The usage of alcohol and/or tobacco is entirely prohibited, and not recommended, especially alcohol.. cease all consumption 72hrs prior due to the brake down enzymes and glucose levels and pancreases secretions from alcohol..


6-10 ius (IM) 3 hrs pre testing (subq administration possess a slower rate with metabolizing in some users, IM has proven a 2-6 fold in levels)
Fasting is recommended, but not necessary (suggested 6-10 hrs pre)
Limit carb intake to absolute minimum
Consumption of water is OK if limited to 1 glass or 2, and not 3 hrs pre testing
No strenuous activities under any circumstances before testing
The use of alcohol and tobacco and other drugs should be completely eliminated 72 hrs prior to testing

Team supervisor,
Now you have no excuse not to get blood work for your own health. As long as you post it in our sub (and you're using our product) you get reimbursed for it. What have you got to lose?

Don't even get me started on how easy it is to leave a review. We couldn't make this any easier for you to save money and earn free products.
We've actually been doing this for years but every now and then we like to give a little reminder and inform some of the newer member who might not know about this.

Not to toot our own horn here but this is a pretty awesome arrangement we've come up with for y'all.