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Girlfriend going for Bikini pro card-Add HGH?


Sep 7, 2022
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Get Shredded!
My girlfriend has done a few shows while running 5 mg anavar 12 weeks and 16 weeks. She is nationally qualified and I am wondering if adding in some HGH would be beneficial to long term growth or if it would potentially alter her overall shape.

4'11" 96 on stage 116lbs currently in the off season.
If she is young it won't do a lot for her...if much at all. The big difference is for older people, or mega doses in open bodybuilding. I think going with 10 mgs or var (but limiting it to 8-10 weeks IE prep) is a better option.

Generally, when you get to nationals the gals are running more and the judges expect more.
She just started a 16 week course of 5mg var for the offseason and I was just thinking about other things she could add in on top of the hard training and locked in diet. She is 28 years old