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Getting Blood Work Done


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May 18, 2018
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Boston, MA
Get Shredded!
Have a good log going on another thread. Everything going well, pumps insane, up 13lbs, 4 weeks in, yadda yadda...

Going to get my labs done in two weeks. I want to confirm I'm looking for the right shit.
I can't do the online purchase and go to the lab because I live in MA and it's not allowed.

I will say as a side note, hornier than ever, but having major issues staying hard down there once I'm in there.

What I plan on looking to test for is:

FSH / LH / TT / FT / Estro / RBC / Glucose / Creatinine / Cholesterol / AST / ALT

Is this correct? Should I be focusing on anything else?

I'm running Test Cyp 500 (week 4 of 10), dBol @ 30ed (week 2 of 4 on dB)
AI liquid adex .3 ed

All help would be appreciated.