Oct 2, 2012
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Get Shredded!
Ok so apparently this myo-t12 stuff has been tested time after time and supposedly has succeeded from each test. All the doctors (same ones that make it) swear by it lol go figure. So i bought two things of it one scoop a day 30 scoops per container. I figure any real test has to be under some kind of duration longer than a month. So i read did the homework from not only their website, but others as well that just gave me the baseline of what to further search for on the web when it came to scientific white papers(adobe pdf files). So follistatin is the peptide that limits the production of myostatin which inhibits muscle growth and helps create healthy tendons and ligaments. The MDs found that there is a concentrated levels of the follistatin peptide in a fertilized egg, not a regular egg that you eat they are unfertilized. They also claimed that the peptide would servive the harsh environment in your stomach as well as going through the liver. The final claim to their stake is that in 12 to 18 hours it reduces your myostatin levels by 20 to 60 % i believe. So I have been on the stuff for about 6 days now i believe I still eat pretty clean and my normal eating habits of 5 to 6 meals (lots of protein and greens) are still in effect along with the same training. One main muscle group some side stuff abbs, and 30-40 min of cardio. So far all i have is an enormous amount of pain in my legs for some reason could be because i always train them hardest, everything else is fine and Ive only gained a pound. We will see what happens 60 days later.:winkfinger: