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May 25, 2023
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Get Shredded!
Been in and out of the gym for about 18 years. This phase is 3 years strong 3-5 times a week. Been on TRT for a year. Decided to do some research on here and wow lots of good info. I’m starting my first cycle now with 500 test C and 500 EQ. Let’s see how this goes! I’m pumped.

Glad I found this forum. I hope to start another thread documenting progress.
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Welcome to ASF.

Agree with @rdm Test only for a first cycle. Also make sure you have an AI on hand, I’d recommend Aromasin.

I’m a rep for DrugsGear aka AlanDomestic, if I can assist you in anyway feel free to PM me.
Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the ride bro. I agree with the fellas on first cycle test only. Ultimately its your decision but its a great way to be able to weed out any sides you may experience. I also get labs prior so you have that base to work off of. Its just my opinion brother. You make the call and we all be hoping it works out for you.
Welcome to ASF! Lots of great advice above that I agree with completely. You’re not gonna get that much extra adding 500 EQ. You’ll grow like a weed on your first cycle of test. Then you’ll have many many more chances to run other things in the future.
Welcome bro ?
Thanks everyone for the replies and advice. I’ve been on 200/ week and looking to basically double my test to see how I respond. My bloods have been great at this level. I get blood work every quarter. I should be about 8 weeks into the cycle when I get my next bloods done. I have plenty of AI on hand as well.

I’m going to probably take y’all’s advice and just run the test at 400-500. I’ll hold the EQ for a follow on cycle. I just read a thread were a guy got pretty bad anxiety from it and I’m already an anxious person lol. I got some 250/ml (my TRT is 200/ml) so I figured 500 split into two doses would be the easy way to do it.
Welcome to the forum brotha.

Team ep
Welcome to the forum. Come check us out at Uncle Z. We have some killer deals going on right now.

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