Jan 9, 2016
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Get Shredded!
Hi! I'm 19 years old , medicine student and I'm training for about 3 years active 5x / week , split workout everything naturally . Was taking some supplementation like whey protein powders etc. , gained some muscle but still not satisfied. Meanwhile last month was on some cutt diet lowing down carbs , and dropped on weight some 4-5kg . Measures at the moment :

178cm height
74kg weight
12-13% body fat
5x/week split workout , 4-5ex for muscle group each 3-4 sets with 8-12rep's (sometimes drop/supersets depends on train days blabla)
proper diet ( medium proteing intake , low carbs , but even when i am eating normal and have intake of carbs a lot more i don't go up to 16% body fat)

I am well educated about steroids , usage , effects etc. but my question is should i start first cycle ? I want to build more lean muscle and lose a bit of fat ,not so much, and get some figure like profy athletes but in considering my age..I want to point that I'm not interested in being profy and building shape for competition , just for my satisfaction to push my limits . Even if I get that shape at the end I won't compete that's not the main aim. The goal is something like this guy or weaker because this is too much for me but looks fu**ing excellent . I know that this cannot be done without steroids , not even with one cycle but I'm curious what's ur opinion and recommendations ?

About cycles and that , for first cycle it;s recommended taking (of all learnt and read) , only Test E + arimidex , hcg , nolvadex , clomid . In my opinion i would go probably like this for ex.

1-250mg test + hcg 500UI twice weekly + arimidex 0.5mg EOD
2-375mg test + hcg (same dose) + arimidex (same dose)
3-500mg test + hcg (same dose) + arimidex (same dose)
4-750mg test + hcg (same dose) + arimidex (same dose)
5 , 6 week cleaning phase with arimidex (same dose) OR lowing manually test on 500 and 250 ? What's ur oppinion?
5,6,7,8 week - nolvadex 40/40/20/20 and clomid 100/100/50/50

All this with high protein diet + whey protein Syntha-6 shake (2-3scoops) in the morning's and after workout . I should not go even so high with protein intake because hyperproteinemy isn't aim . (too much worries about one f**ing cycle .. ) And also i would like to know should I go 375mg on 2nd week or directly on 500mg test and even 3,4w on 750mg test ? Normally test produced by our body is 50-70mg per week , then why 250 or 500 mg only throughout all 4 weeks should not give dramatic results , is necessary 750mg? It's drug and I know that may my body get used on 250-500mg but it's first cycle ?

After all , do i need to do my first cycle ? If yes , what should i change in the cycle or whatever , If no , what should i do to build more muscle ?
Every opinion is welcome and don't blame yourself as you are ordering me on something , it's just opinion :)
Thanks .