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Fertility overload now available (HMG)


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Jul 20, 2015
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Scientific Name: (Human Menopausal Gonadotropin) – HMG
Clinical Test Expectation: Women : Assist with conceiving, and fertility. Men : Increase production of natural testosterone. Assist with testicular dystrophy. Increased libido
MG Strength: 75iu per vial

Detailed Product Information

Discover the Benefits and Properties of HMG (Human Menopausal Gonadotropin)

Initially, the drug known as HMG was invented in order to help women conceive. It is a fertility medication which triggers the production of FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and KH (luteinizing hormone) in a woman’s body, thereby making her more likely to ovulate. However, this drug’s usage has evolved over time and, nowadays, it is also utilized by men. In male patients, it has the power to increase the production of natural testosterone. Those who suffer from male health issues, including testicular dystrophy, often find that their libidos are stronger and that they are more virile during treatment with HMG. After all, loss of testosterone often plays a prominent role in sexual dysfunction and it also hinders men in other ways, by robbing them of vital energy, muscle mass and youthful looks. This is why a testosterone-booster like HMG has the power to change men’s lives for the better! To help you learn more about this important medication, which offers hope and help to both genders, we’ve created a comprehensive and factual guideline. We will provide facts for men and women, so no one misses out on the information that he or she needs. HMG stands for Human Menopausal Gonadotropin and it’s generally self-injected. At the end of this article, we’ll talk about how the medication works, how to take it and what typical dosages are. We’ll also discuss side effects, in order to offer you the well-rounded knowledge that you will need. Once you’ve absorbed the information in this guide, you’ll be ready to decide if HMG is right for you. Our guide isn’t meant to be a substitute for medical advice. However, it is loaded with helpful facts. If you have questions about HMG, we encourage you to talk to your family physician today. First, we’ll focus on how this drug helps women to boost their chances of getting pregnant. It’s a very successful medication for this purpose, as it greatly increases the odds of conception.

Most men consider therapy with HMG as an alternative to treatment with HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). It’s generally used in order to elevate the body’s natural testosterone levels. The hormones in HMG, which are FSH and LH, act on the testes via the pituitary gland. FSH helps by stimulating spermatogenic tissue within the testicles. LH works by stimulating intra-testicular synthesis in males. Typically, it is bodybuilders who turn to this injectable medication in order to access its blend of two female hormones. It’s utilized in order to help the body recover after therapy with anabolic steroids. It works by restoring functions within the human body and by ameliorating sexual health following steroid usage. Testicular problems in males are quite common after they use anabolic steroids. For example, some men experience testicular atrophy for long periods of time, such as years, after using anabolic steroids in order to gain muscle mass. Guys who want to avoid these problems may embark on therapy with HMG after therapy with anabolic steroids ceases. Men who choose HMG generally do so because it contains hormones which stimulate the testes to make testosterone, without the drawbacks of HCG. HCG functions as a synthetic LH, whereas HMG is a combination of actual hormones which won’t trigger lack of sensitivity to LH (which may happen with HCG). Side effects for HMG is male users will be similar to those in female users, minus the breast tenderness. Review the side effects for women which are posted above and then speak to your doctor if you experience any of them. Discontinue usage of the medication if side effects are adversely affecting your health. If you need more information about how bodybuilders utilize this drug, be sure to check message boards where those who are more likely to have taken anabolic steroids hang out. They may relate their own experiences with steroids and with HMG for recovery from steroids. You should understand all of the risks before you utilize anabolic steroids – other people’s real-life stories may be helpful resources.

HMG- (Euro-HMG ) - 75iu/ 2ml vial
Chemical Name: Human menopausal gonadotropin
Comes In: 1ml amp - 75IU
Dosage: debatable
Active time: 64 hours
Class: Hormone-menopausal gonadotropin
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