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Female cruise dosage for Prim


Aug 10, 2016
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You mean primo and cruise on primo? Primo you can run for extended period of time... so not sure what you mean by "cruise" ...but depending on your goals. What are you wanting and how does your diet and training look?

95kg is large for your height even if you are a large frame. 5'5 at 210lbs, I don't think primo is something that you are ready for yet.

Typically, primo 50mg a week is sufficient for a woman.

I second that, been running 50mg/wk and it's been helping quite a bit.


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Jun 21, 2012
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This is a good thread to bump for this question about primo.

With the new "Wellness" category in the United States finally, is primo at 50mg weekly a good way to assist in progressing beyond the Bikini competitor look to get the legs up to do well enough in amateur Wellness category without endangering the female appearance?

Just to be clear about what I mean - figure and physique females, in my opinion only, have lost that feminine appearance. Bikini competitors obviously have not. Wellness competitors, to the extent a certain "look" is being rewarded, and we now have our first small crop of IFBB professionals and a type of amateur that is advancing (beyond the "fat bikini" competitors that showed up for some reason the first year the NPC recognized this new Wellness category), and the Wellness division still appears very feminine.

I am not looking to argue about whether figure and physique competitors are still feminine, so please save it. The issue is whether 50 mg weekly of primo would assist a Bikini competitor seeking to move into Wellness over the next year or two. Would more be needed? Would the 50mg of primo endanger her appearance and make her look more like one of the more masculine categories (figure or physique)?

Thoughts, please, ESPECIALLY from any females competing in Wellness, but all are welcome to give their opinion (just please provide the basis for that opinion).