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Jul 20, 2015
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The Equipoise steroid is one of the more highly desired anabolic androgenic steroids on the market, and unfortunately, its one of the hardest to get your hands on if a high quality product is what youre after. This is a steroid that is notoriously under-dosed, and in many cases, you think youre buying an Equipoise steroid, but youre actually buying a large single ester testosterone. It happens every single day, but for our purposes here, were going to assume you have access to a high quality product like at
www.unclez.ru. Absolutely, the Equipoise steroid can be found as it is intended to be; however, you better not buy it from someone just because theyre offering; you must research the supplier.
An extremely versatile steroid, this isnt a compound thats going to pack on mass like Nandrolone or provide conditioning traits akin to Trenbolone; however, this does not may it useless by any means. This can be a tremendously beneficial steroid, but you will find it works best when coupled with other potent anabolic agents as its traits become enhanced. Of course, there are also a lot of myths that surround the Equipoise steroid, numerous as this is one of the most myth plagued to say the least, and destroying such myths will be our focus today. As we go through these most common myths, you will find some overlapping and you will even find some of the myths contradict each other; such is common when something in misunderstood. Nevertheless, by understanding the truth, youll have a stronger grasp of this steroid, and a stronger grasp can only lead to stronger supplementation practices.

Myth: The Equipoise steroid is so closely related to Nandrolone the two cannot be used at the same time.
Truth: Equipoise and Nandrolone are nothing alike; in-fact, they really couldnt be any different. EQ, as its commonly known doesnt carry the reciprocal progesterone action or progestin nature of Nandrolone. If there is any anabolic steroid we can compare EQ to it would be testosterone; after all EQ is simply the testosterone hormone with one simple modification to the hormones structure. As this is the case, the two compounds carry many similar traits; however, this simple modification to the compounds structure is enough to provide EQ with a unique nature of its own. For those that are curios, this myth was first started by Dan Duchaine when the steroid first hit the market; however, what was thought to be wasnt at all and Duchaine would recant the claim; however, the myth has lived on.

Myth: The Equipoise steroid does not aromatize.
Truth: EQ does aromatize, but only at about half-the rate of testosterone. Further, while it does aromatize, it does so slowly; so slowly the buildup of estrogen will rarely become a problem; very few will ever report estrogenic related side-effects from this steroid. Of course, if youre using massive doses this can change things, and if your supplementation is coupled with other heavily aromatizing steroids you will most certainly be at risk of estrogenic related effects.

Myth: Women cannot supplement with the Equipoise steroid due to extreme virilization.
Truth: EQ is actually one of the very few anabolic steroids women can supplement with without virilization; this doesnt mean virilization is impossible, but the odds are in your favor more so than with most anabolic steroids. Anavar will still remain the primary choice of most females, as its virilization rating is the lowest of all; however, if youre a positive responder to Anavar, you are a hardcore trainer and need a bit of an off-season boost a low dose of EQ may be worth your consideration. Keep in mind, virilization is possible, but with proper use it can be controlled; again, this is assuming youre a positive responder.

Myth: If used alone or with just a little Testosterone in the off-season, the Equipoise steroid will produce tremendous gains in muscle tissue growth.
Truth: If used with large doses of testosterone and if the Equipoise steroid is dosed fairly high as well, you may indeed gain some significant mass; if not, you shouldnt count on it. This is by no means a pure mass steroid, but it can most certainly aid in the promotion when coupled with other anabolic steroids in high enough doses. Common successful stacks would be Testosterone, EQ and Nandrolone with the possible addition of an oral steroid like Dianabol; Trenbolone is also another excellent option.

Myth: The Equipoise steroid is a poor cutting agent due to high levels of aromatase.
Truth: While some say it doesnt aromatize others believe the opposite; as we know it doesnt aromatize, we also know it can be an excellent cutting steroid; in-fact, its use here is better than when bulking. This is a fantastic anabolic steroid to start your cutting plan with; an excellent lean tissue preserver and metabolic enhancer; it will significantly enhance recovery and muscular endurance aiding you in pushing through your diet. Further, it will display some nice visual conditioning effects once youre lean enough, especially vascularity making this a fine choice for such a purpose.

Myth: You can find EQ that is of a Human Grade nature.
Truth: EQ is officially known as a veterinarian grade (Vet Grade) anabolic steroid as its original intent was for race horses; this should be obvious by the name Equipoise as it so closely resembles Equestrian. At any rate, Human Grade EQ does not exist; it can only be found in Vet Grade or from an Underground Lab (UGL); most UGLs manufacture EQ. In any case, there is no measurement to compare EQ to against a Human Grade form as no such form exists.

Myth: You can supplement with EQ for short periods of time and see rapid changes to your physique.
Truth: This assumption is often based on the fact that you have a high quality Equipoise steroid in your hand, and while a high quality product is a fantastic thing thats not going to make it fast acting. Equipoise, which is the most commonly associated trade name for the anabolic steroidal compound Boldenon- Undeclynate is a tremendously slow acting anabolic steroid; this can be seen in its active half-life which is approximately 14 days. The reason its so slow acting is the massive and we do mean absolutely massive Undeclynate ester that is attached; Boldenon is the actual steroid.

PS I don’t take credit for this article!!!! I found it based on research and review.

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Nov 5, 2022
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Doing some early morning reading and happened upon this. Good read. Always get mixed thoughts on EQ. Some love it and some not so much. Giving it a run for my first time now. Early in cycle, but hoping for good things.


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Nov 21, 2013
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RBC is an issue. EQ is a great compound but need to keep an eye on that. Most guys don't donate blood and depending on how much you take and for how long it could be dangerous.


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Jul 24, 2012
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EQ does increase RBC but most AAS do. I center testosterone increases RBC. This is exactly why you should have labs conducted between cycles. Additionally, if you are always on test when off a major cycle then you should have labs done 2-3 times a year.

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