DG got my vote


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Feb 7, 2020
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well as most of you may know , im a pcom guy ,
so alot of my gear is only that,,
but there are other things i get and sometimes i need them now, or i dont need 100 of somthing,and i only need a few, so thats when i go to DG.

now this bitcoin thing still has me in a loop,, i have no idea about what it wil cost to get the bitcoin or to send it, so im am idiot,,(typical meathead)

well it happend again (second time now), i shorted DG some money cuz i forgot about the exchange and send fee,,,

so other companys would halt the order and require payment before shippment, not DG ,, alan has told me i shorted him and than told me to make sure i pay him,, (i make sure i make it right and than some)
never halted the order or anything, so i cant say enough good things about DG,
the shipping times are like that of a telsa plaids 0-60 time, fucking quick!
and the ordering process is so easy and fluid ,even an idiot like me can figure it out,

so if anyone is wondering about a place for gear,, DG is the way to go local,, hands down,, thanks alan and i hope we see you around for a long time brother!!