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cycle help/input please


Jun 30, 2013
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Hey i was wondering if someone could steer me in the right direction without any non necessary commets. I weigh 320 to 330 at 6'1" but everyone tells me i look 260 im 16% bodyfat. My question is what would be the best cycle to turn stomach fat into muscle or just lose it and also something that will really light a fire under my ass to have more motivation to train. ive tried tren a with test p for a few weeks and couldnt do cardio, now im on 50mg of winny ed with test c 250 2x a week. Is there anything else that someone would reccomend that would help me achieve my goal. I am also prescribed adderall and a diuretic bumnex. Should i be taking this diuretic with aas. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Phen, t3, eca, and even aas will help but diet and cardio is a must. At 16% bf I don't know if you'll notice anything from a diuretic. At least I didn't. The motivation is up to you. Motivation gets people started but habit keeps them going. Make a training schedule and stick to it even if you don't feel like it.
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Sorry don't take this the wrong way ...but you need to lose weight with cardio and a good diet..at 6'1 330lbs you have more than 16% bodyfat.forget the drugs for now..The only motivation comes from something YOU really want to do..not from someone telling you to
So right now my best bet would make cardio my main workout everyday? Say 5 miles tredmil and 5 to 10 elliptical I just dont want to lose muscle. Also ranman im not taking it the wrong way but that is what my nutrionist and an endo doc told me by hooking me up to their machines. I have a tumor on my pituitary gland that spikes growth hormone but lowers test so i also recieve trt with test c. Sorry i dont mean to go off topic
I also forgot to mention my diet usually consists of one meal a day at night usually 500 cals otherwise its a protein shake and other sources of protein and carbs no more than around 1000 cals. Would taking aas like var and anadrol speed up metabolism with the increase of food intake?
one meal a day!? thats doing horrible things to your body and metabolism, you need at least 5-6 high protein meals a day. cardio everyday + some weight training. unless you get that in check no amount of gear is going to do shit for you. as far as gear i would stick with dry/cutting compounds and look into clen and T3.
I agree with topspeed...one meal aday screws up your metabolism(like that hcg diet)spread your meals out throughout the day..Sorry to hear about the tumor on your pituitary gland.monitor that close and hang in there
To start with taking AAS is not going to turn fat into muscle and its not going to fix isolated area's like your mid section. The main problem is your diet, it SUCKS!!! Your body is a machine, and for the machine to run correctly it needs to have fuel, the right types of fuel throughout the day to keep the body running. Eating once a day at night is the absolute worst thing you could be doing. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you need to set your body metabolism for the day from the start and that is where breakfast comes in.

Next, cardio and conditioning is an absolute must. I recently went from 270 to 198 for a competition over 4 months and cardio and diet were the keys to this. I was told by a pro trainer that the body really does not start burning fat until about 20 minutes in, so its not necessarily the distance or calorie burn you should be looking at, but instead the length of consistant cardio you want. I did 60 minutes at a 4mph pace at an incline of 10-12 every morning and then another hour each night. My diet consisted of 5 - 6 meals a day and I cut out all protein shakes and supplements and only got my macro's from real food.

Lastly, you need to get a workout program together and stick to it. Concentrate on your compound exercises, and have a look at the workout section of the forum to assistance.