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Corona Panic Poll

What's your panic level?

  • Corona is BS. We're being played.

    Votes: 22 44.9%
  • Panic! We're all doomed. DoooOOOooooomed!

    Votes: 2 4.1%
  • I'm neutral. This could go either way.

    Votes: 26 53.1%

  • Total voters
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Cowboy what are you talking about? i dont want anything shutdown. fuck the lockdown. the fucking fatality rate is less than 1% for anyone under 40(majority of working people) i aint no fan of this lockdown and i support Black live matter for the fact they are protesting and standing up. exactly what we all should be doing. do not let the government control you! stand up and join the riots. or they will continue to keep you lockeddown.

its junst just simple precautions i take, if i plan to see my grandma i self isolate in my house for 2 weeks then go see her for dinner. (in case i am asymptomatic)

but then i have a cousin that is out partying and seeing her a few days after. thats why i am mad. why i self isolate for 2 weeks only for other family members fuck everything up.

So in your mind, unconstitutional government over reach is the same as a racist hate group trying to turn a criminal into a hero??