!!!!!!CONTEST!!!! (Free gear)


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Mar 4, 2015
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It's been awhile since we gave some free gear away, so I thought it's about time we run a contest!!!!

Contest: guess the cryptocurrency I hold the most of!!!

Prize: $200 store credit!!!!

Rules: No back to back guessing, must have over 50 post, must claim prize within 24hrs...

So if you don't know what cryptocurrency is, now is the time to learn alittle bit about it... I'm sure everyone has heard of Bitcoin, well now your going to see just how big this market really is.... There is around 1,000 different currencies or assests on the market... The coin I hold the most of can be found on this site.....
www.coinmarketcap.com you just have to find which one.....

Let the guesses begin... I will also give some hints as it goes along