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Cell Phone Plans


Oct 25, 2022
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Just curious what everyone is paying for cell phone plans. I am not in contract and want to see if I'm over paying and need to look elsewhere.
I have T-Mobile and 3 lines...all phones are almost 3 years old with no issues and I own them. I'm paying about 180 a month for unlimited everything for 3 lines. Appreciate any replies.
45 for unlimited through Straight Talk for a single line. I bought my phone outright. It's been decent overall. Same towers as Verizon so service is identical as well I had Verizon.
obama phone

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oh lord so the company bill is like 700$ but we have like 20 lines its kind of crazy.

that being said dad owns the business and I pay nothing. except 150 in taxes and 500 to close my previous phone out each year to get a new iPhone witch I really should just wait the two

years and only pay 150$ in taxes im just what they call a sucker. They got me for the watch this year too.... I feel like they do a really good job at coming out with one thing thats really good each year.

I am a huge apple fan tho I think everything pairs easily and quickly and is fairly smart technology.
That sounds about right. I also have an unlimited plan but only because I’ve had it for so long. My bill is $63 a month and no phone payment. I have t Mobil
Boost mobile which is now T mobile
Unlimited talk & text plus 30 gig 5g data $26 month
We have spectrum cable and they offered us unlimited calls/texts/data for 30 bucks a line. So far so good, they use Verizon towers so coverage has been good so far.

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