By Any Means Necessary


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Jul 16, 2014
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Food has increased again this week.

With the weather heating up my body is burning through the calories faster since I do work outside, thank God it's nights because I'm already soaked in sweat at 80 degrees, and it's pretty active work. I get around 16k steps in each night and a third of those are a sought jog/run.

Weight is holding around 253, down from 255 last week. Still have some abs, quads are still outlined, pretty good spot for this deep into my growing phase.

Gear, I never talked about it.

Per week - all iron lion injectables
300mg mast p
300mg npp
850mg test

Gh - Orange tops
8iu post training only

Added in 50mg anadrol pre workout on upper body days only.

I'm also using 6iu humalog pre workout only and 250mg metformin with my first and 5th meal of the day.

Training adjusted as well this week.

My quads, even though they're still "lean" haven't ballooned up like they usually do in the off season. I think part of this is from training style and part from work.

Switched to more quad dominant work this week and moved some hamstring work to back day.