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Get Shredded!
Yes it’s been over a month. But also let’s not advertise like they did “tracking will update once it’s arrived, should take 10days to arrive, then 2-3 more to get to you.”

🙄? Not first rodeo, and it’s been over a month. Not going to complain unless it’s been a little over the said completion date
Was agreeing with what @tommygunz said. Same happened to me but they held up their end and gained my respect because of it. 👍 Can only speak from my own experience.
In the 4 pages worth of this thread no one has said anything negative about Fletcher. He’s helped raise money to help members of the community and their families on more than one occasion to which some, if not most of us who are obviously “slow and been here longer with seniority” have contributed to. He’s sent items of his personal stash to members who needed them and couldn’t afford them. We know the man’s character much better than you do, but for some reason you the full functioning new kid who’s missed all of this is out here outperforming us from day one with your superior intelligence and knob polishing skills.

If you’d been here longer than 2 months you’d know that pretty much everyone respects Fletcher around here and that him and Tommy bumping heads is damn near a given especially on political views, but as we could see here pretty much everything else. The man doesn’t need you on the sidelines with your pom poms cheering and trust me it’s not a good look, but I’m sure he appreciates your continued support.
@Fletcher helped me out. Always grateful.
If you say some one is a good guy.

At no time did I say anyone insulted him. Re read my comment. Tell me where I said anyone bashed the guy.

Look get a bigger hat bro. Cause the one your wearing is cutting off blood flow.
I would just stop talking before you sign yourself a bigger hole. Astro is just tryna help you out dude. Enough knob shinning for one post