Best music video ever!


Jun 17, 2012
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Get Shredded!

First comment on barstool :roflmao: "it sucks ill never be able to fuck a girl this hot. i already know how my life is going to go down. going to work a 9-5 job my whole life, have two daughters, divorce my wife for getting fat. get a 7 series bmw, bang a thai whore, get the clap, decide to settle down, marry a 6, have another daughter, sell the car, join a golf club, play golf all day to get away from my 6 of a wife who now has eaten her way to a 4. cheat on her. get a little condo down in florida, selll the house to pay for my kids college, retire down in my condo in florida where i play shuffle board and drink strawberry daquiris until i die of colon cancer."