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Becoming the Iron Lion

Congrats brother.

1st in masters heavies

3rd in open heavies.

Should have won both but I shit the bed.

I'll update later, eating a bowl of fruit then sleeping.
1st in masters heavies

3rd in open heavies.

Should have won both but I shit the bed.

I'll update later, eating a bowl of fruit then sleeping.

Damn thats awesome brother! Congratulations!!!
So, I was unhappy with my posing yesterday during pre judge. I dunno what happened but I was shaking very badly and I assume it was nerves. I had plenty of fluids, sodium and food so it wasn't a hydration issue at all.

I honestly believe it cost me the win in the open even though I was third. I couldn't set up my rear double, lat, side chest and triceps and even ab and thigh so, almost every single pose besides quarter turns. When you can't pose, you can't fucking win no matter how good you look.

I came back at finals and nailed it. It was just for me and knowing I was better then I have been which I was.

Dissapointed with my placing but, happy with the look. These pics are a little less then 2 years apart. The right is 2020 and it's been touched up by the photo company so condition looks better then it was. The left was yesterday. Around 12 lbs heavier and I was sharper even though this picture doesn't show it. These are also from pre judge on right, so my legs were fresh, and finals on left, so my legs were beat up.

Happy with the size gained
1st in masters heavies

3rd in open heavies.

Should have won both but I shit the bed.

I'll update later, eating a bowl of fruit then sleeping.
Thank you!

Couldn't have done it without all the help and assistance you provided during prep keeping me stocked up!
welcome, it is our pleasure, :)
1st in masters heavies

3rd in open heavies.

Should have won both but I shit the bed.

I'll update later, eating a bowl of fruit then sleeping.

Congrats man
Back to training.

Changing things up for a while. I'll be pushing a lot of volume for a while to see how things go during this rebound window.

Split will be, pull a, chest and delts, legs, off, pull b, Delts and chest, off.

Legs today was -

3 sets of glute bridges

4 sets of seated leg curls super set with Adductor

3 straight sets of Pendulum squat, 1 set with a drop set

4 sets of wide leg press

3 sets of hacks

2 sets of leg extensions

Fucking terrible. I don't know how to train without taking sets to the brink of destruction anymore really so about half way thru this I was fucking smoked. Weights were light but they'll progress since I'm eating again and only a few days post show.

It'll be interesting to see what happens.
I will start uploading my training and stuff this week.

Just been taking a forum break as I start getting back into the groove.

Doing some stuff diet wise I haven't done in a long time and it's been going ok, just harder to prep.

I'll go into detail on all of this very soon.
So I hired a coach. No need to name names but he's pretty well known in bodybuilding and has been coached and learned from Dom Cardone so he's got his shit together. Very smart but very matter of fact which is good with me. I'm just a robot as an athlete. I do what I'm told and that's it.

Diet is pretty standard. Some added fats from avocado and almond butter since those don't mess with my gut. Standard carbs and protein sources, egg whites, steak or lean beef, chicken, cream of rice, potato, rice, oats.

It's nothing I'm not familiar with as far as foods or where they are and why so I get the layout.

The accountability aspect is high though. I log my sleep, steps, blood sugar, meals, training, time sitting, water intake as well as normal things like digestion, appetite, tiredness and so on every day. It's A LOT to keep up with but, I can do it and it'll show any trends that start to occur. I don't do this with my guys because I think it's more then most people can keep up with regularly but, it's something I may start doing if I see the value.

This is what my training split looks like currently. As you can see, it's a lot more volume then I'm used to and intensity will have to be generated through strait sets mostly but, it'll give me more time to recover the knee at least while bringing up my upper body to match a bit better. No direct arm work right now so we can judge recovery at this volume but, arms are a weak point officially and will be brought up.

Pull A, Chest and delts, legs, off, pull B, delts and chest, off

Pull A
Seated Cable Row bi-lateral row - 2x15, 2x10/10 2 sets of lower lat focus, 2 sets mid back

T Bar Row (or chest supported) 3x12

single arm db dow 3x10

Wide lat pull downs 1x15, 2x10/10

Seated cable row (upper back) 2x15, 1x15/10

Pull (B)

pull ups + Cable pull overs 4xAMAP + 4x15

Single arm pull down 1x15, 2x12, 1x10/10

neutral grip pull down 3x15

DB Pull Overs 3x12, 1x10/10

RDL's / Rack Pulls 4x8 (Alternate every week)


Glute bridges/hip thrusts 3x15 (active warm up) on smith or glute machine

seated ham curls +hip adductors 3x15, 1xFAILURE 2 warm up, 2 working sets

Pendulum Squats 3x15, 1x10/10 wide, deep, slow

Wide Leg press 4x20 wide, deep, slow

Narrow Hacks (tempo w/ pause) 3x15 Squeeze quads ever other rep slowly

Leg Extensions 2xAMAP


cable chest press +db delt raises 3xAMAP + 4x15-20

incline bench 2x10, 2x8

db flat bench 2x10, 2x8

Chest press machine 3x15 , 1x10/10 volume/contraction focused

cable flys 4x20 volume/contraction focused


reverse pec dec 2x20, 2x10/10

single arm cable side raise 2x20, 1x10/10

Vertical seated press machine 1x15, 2x10, 1x10/10

Cable Upright rows 3x15

seated smith machine press 1x15 warm up + 3x10 (chest focus)

That's where we at. I'll post some pics at some point but, I'm at 230lbs after a week and still tight, pulling all the AAS and gh have sucked 10lbs of water off and I haven't went crazy with food so I'm happy with the current look. I could eat like a fool off season for a couple days and add 10lbs but, we're being meticulous.
Legs today

Pretty rough but added weight or reps to most things.

My legs are crushed after I get thru with the "warm up" Glute bridges, seated Curls/Adductor so everything after that is a fucking grind.

Still, got stronger. Will get stronger next time too.

Knee is feeling good so far so hopefully that continues.
Get Shredded!
Today's work.

Pull b.

Stretch focus back day as I refer to it which went good. Progressed most sets. Hitting the wall after the second exercise so from there it's just sheer grit to increase numbers since the back is fried.
Yesterday's training.

Good stuff.

Strength is climbing back up along with food so we're getting in a groove.

I'm up to 231 or so right now and holding good condition while ever so slightly increasing food, keeping a moderate amount of cardio in and training as hard as possible.

I've started really focusing on digestion post show so I'll dive into that at some point when I start to get a better idea of what it's doing for my overall health and performance.

Right now I'm having issues with blood sugar staying around 100 upon waking even though it's starting to trend down and, I'm going hypo at certain points in the day after larger carb meals where I'm adding in berberine. All part of the process right now to make sure I'm in a really good spot in 5 or 6 weeks to push farther.

Legs today.

Strength climbing.

4 plates on the Pendulum for 9 plus 2 assisted reps was the highlight today. I've done 5 plates for 6 before during peak off season and that was fucking brutal so, this is a really good step.

This Pendulum is extremely heavy.... 4 plates feels like 6 or 7 on anything else I've used just for reference.

Work was -

3 sets of glute bridge
4 super sets of seated leg Curls /Adductors
3 sets of Pendulum
4 sets of leg press
3 sets of hacks
2 sets of extensions

I don't enjoy this type of training but, I'm sticking with it to see what happens. Only training legs once a week, I don't enjoy that either, so I'm giving the knee extra rest and, the loads aren't as heavy given the ridiculous amount of volume.

I'm sore for about 4 days after, it's not fun.

Food has gone up steadily since the show. Pretty decent amount right now with a good bit of added fats which aren't an issue yet. I think the focus on gut and digestion (fucking expensive) has done the trick.

Oh, AAS and stuff.

400mg test.

No gh, no insulin, nothing. Just pushing food and training for now.
I never had "issues" power say, I mean I've got colitis but it's not something that was caused by diet, just bad luck and a piece if intestine that has an inflammation issue. It's also been a very long time since I've had a flare up.

When I say work on digestion, I mean optimize. Gas, bloating from eating a lot of food, and primarily utilizing the food so it's not useless, those are things that we've started to really focus on.

Right now, this is what I'm doing, aside from watching diet and food sources.

Upon waking -
2tbsp apple cider vinegar with Mother
2 scoops of collagen peptides
1 scoop of super greens/fruits
10g Glutamine
4oz cold brew coffee
1 cap garden of life primal defense

With meals 1,2,3,6 On training days in having 1 cap of Ravenous by project AD (started this 2 days ago)

3 caps with meal 6 on non training days

600mg berberine 2x a day with post training meal and 2 meals later on training days.

600mg with meal 2 and 5 on non training days

1 cap primal defense with meal 4 on all days.

It's a laundry list of stuff but, it's starting to really show in terms of gas and digestion after only a couple weeks
Plan updated today.

Food pulled back a touch, mainly carbs on training days after post training meal. Volume lowered some as well.

Weight jumped 4 lbs this week which was a bit too fast and fasting blood sugar increased as well is the reasoning there.

Couldn't train today, had to take my daughter to the Dr and just didn't have the time.

Tomorrow I'll train then I'll be taking my son out to the bay with a Co worker to fish this weekend.

They like fishing, I hate it, so it'll be fun for him at least lol.
Fishing trip was fun.

We didn't catch a fucking thing but, we had a really good time out on the water talking and laughing.

Was good to get to spend some time with the boy so it was all worth the trip.

Tomorrow we're back in the gym killing it!