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Bad hplc results on Praetorian gear


vv mine
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Jun 25, 2012
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Get Shredded!
This is interesting that claims are being made of an accident...

The only reason I say that is because...

Anyone that runs a lab knows the following.
1- EQ is liquid form
So how was Eq accidentally mixed up with any other compound? It’s the only raw that comes as a liquid
2 - tren is yellow 100% if the time in raw form and prop is white crystal like powder
So how was tren and prop confused

I don’t know much but I know enough to know that there is 10000000% no way that anyone brewing could mix any of those 3 raws up

That would be like saying oops you wanted an orange but we the package of oranges were really grapes and we just didn’t notice by accident.

Always heard great things about Praet, hopefully they get this all straightened out and continue on...
There’s to many screwy labs out there and would be a shame for a good one to go belly up over something like this.

yes I agree with mistaking them being impossible but that is a lot of the reason that it seems hard to grasp... Especially when you consider the cost of the raws... why switch out some of those compounds only to under dose it with a more expensive compound... why not just keep the cheaper compound and under dose it with that?

I dont use prat so I dont have a dog in this fight. Im just curious to see how it goes.


Jun 12, 2020
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I am also neutral in this
I was just opening up for more conversation if anything
Idc what Praet does, it’s not my business...

The reply that was given just isn’t gonna fly for people that know better is all
And the people that do know better is who I would be targeting an explanation for.

Just my views though
Which mean nothing regarding this issue in reality.