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Azteca labs test ment mast Sarms

Decided upon my first ever heavy weight show and so I decided upon the Phil Heath classic ! Phil Heath is my favorite ever bodybuilder and it’s in Houston so that was the it factor for me !
So there’s 14 weeks left

This will be my first phase of the mass portion leading up to the show . I am taking an old school approach and leaving mass compounds in until the last 3-4 weeks and then dropping them for hardening drying, leaning compounds the final 3 to 4 weeks .

First phase mass

750 to 1 g sus
300 ment ace
300 mast p

20 mg Yk11 pre workout with caffeine pre workout

12.5 mg Aromasin eod

Gh 5 iu fasted upon awakening , then a high caloric breakfast with 10-20 iu insulin preferably humalin or slow insulin

Pre workout I’ll do 200 mcg mgf

Post workout I’ll do 100-150
Mcg igf lr3 with 5 iu gh and 10-15 iu humalog or fast acting insulin

Dinner I’ll also do 10-15 iu humalog.

So that is my growing phase .
Get Shredded!
So In retrospect of the new items Azteca is bringing on board which of the following cycles would u deem best fit for mass gaining for a npc heavy weight division bodybuilder show

Cycle 1
Sustanon 800 mg weekly 200 mg x 4 pre workout

Test ace tren ace blend 200 mg weekly 50/50 x4 pre-workout

Ment ace 200 mg weekly
50 x 4 pre workout

Bold ace 360 mg weekly
90 x 4 pre workout

Gh 5 iu upon awakening and then 10 to 20 iu insulin with breakfast

Gh 5 iu post workout with 150 mcg igf lr3 ans 10 to 15 iu insulin

12.5 mg aromasin eod

Cycle 2
Sustanon 800 mg weekly
Ment ace 300 mg weekly
Mast p 300 mg weekly
Bold ace 360 mg weekly.
Lgd 20 mg Ed

Mgf peg 200 mcg pre workout x4

Gh 5 iu upon awakening and then 10 to 20 iu insulin with breakfast

Gh 5 iu post workout with 150 mcg igf lr3 ans 10 to 15 iu insulin

12.5 mg aromasin eod

Cycle 3

Sustanon 750 mg weekly
Ment ace 250 mg weekly
Tren suspension 50 mg pre workout
Mast p 300 mg weekly

Occasional oral pre workout dmz or msten

Mgf peg 200 mcg pre workout x4

Gh 5 iu upon awakening and then 10 to 20 iu insulin with breakfast

Gh 5 iu post workout with 150 mcg igf lr3 ans 10 to 15 iu insulin

12.5 mg aromasin eod
Did legs tonight

Injected 200 mg sus 75 mg ment 70 mg tren ace 70 mg mast p 20 mg inject s drol
2 scoops of
Core fury pre workout and mannnn went ham on legs while looking dry affff 14 weeks out
From Phil Heath classic



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This is what I decided upon for my cycle I am tired of using or dealing with prolactin issues from tren or ment


New cycle

Sus 1 g weekly (250 x4)

Mast p 320 mg weekly ( 80 x4)

Pre workout orals

Lgd 20 mg daily

Bold ace 360 mg weekly ( 90 x4)

Gh igf mgf insulin protocol

5 iu gh with insulin in the morning

5 iu gh post with 150 mcg igf and insulin

Aromasin and caber 12.5 mg eod

Health support

Fish oil + Cardarine 10 mg Ed




Coq10 or ubiquinol
Been using ment and tren basically with my cycles but tired of dealing with prolactin issues . Just want to use something milder but still effective for mass building . So will use a higher dose of testosterone with masteron mostly for dryness and sex drive lol with lgd and bold ace . I’m really interested in how the bold ace will perform being in oral form attached to an ace ester or how it compares to primo ace .
So today I read an article where a guy on the forum asked how should a bodybuilder cycle in the off season and then up to a show.

A guy named Dr so and so revealed a very informative cycle that included the off season which was 16 weeks followed by a 4 week pct then another 16 week cycle leading up to a show .

The off season cycle was 16 weeks of

Test e or c 600- 1 g
Nandrolone at 300 mg or bold at 400 to 600 mg
An oral which they used anadrol at. 50 mg for six weeks then 4 weeks off then 6 weeks again

This didn’t include the gh insulin or other products bodybuilders might use

The pre contest was

Phase 1 10 weeks
Test 1 g
Nandrolone or bold
No orals to save liver for the hardening phase of heavy orals

6 weeks out
The nandrolone and bold are dropped
Test is slowly lowered and replaced with test prop
Then in comes tren ace or primo or dhb or mast
Then 3 weeks out
Orals are included
Winny and halo
Test prop is dropped 1 week out
With my own customization based kn my ideas this is what I would like to do for myself

Off season cycles
Sustanon 600-750 mg weekly
Ment ace 200-300 mg weekly
Bold cyp 400 to 500 mg weekly

Injectable super drol 20-30 mg pre workout ( 2 weeks on 1-2 weeks off ) or dmz 30 mg pre workout 2 weeks on 1-2 weeks off

Gh 5-10 iu a day and igf lr3
Mgf peg whole cycle 200 mcg pre workout
Insulin humalin morning
Humalog post workout

Aromasin 12.5 mg eod
Caber 1mg weekly

Cardarine 10 mg and fish oil every day for hdl support

Nac and Tudca for liver

Astralagus for kidneys

Curcumin for inflammation

Ubiquinol and vit k2 and Arjuna for heart
For pre contest

Weeks 1-10
Sustanon 750 to 1 g
Bold and ment
No orals

Weeks 10-16
Test ace tren ace blend Azteca 300
Masteron 300
Winny 50
Yk11 20
Add halo or dmz 3 weeks out
Been quiet but steady working . Phil Heath classic is ten weeks out . I will take two weeks to focus on health . Then 8 weeks out prepare for the show . Here is my game plan as of now

10 weeks out Phil Heath classic Game Plan

Need recovery to be optimal and healthy .

Take two weeks off and use hcg and clomid with health support items .

8 weeks out


Sustanon 600 mg weekly ( 150x4)

Primobolan e 800 mg weekly ( 200 x4)

Anadrol 100 mg pre workout for intensity and strength.

Ostarine 30 mg Ed as an Anavar alternative not liver toxic

Yk11 20 mg as a winny alternative not liver toxic

25 mg Ed proviron along with primo to keep estrodiol lowered to keep a dry physique

20 mg Ed Cardarine to improve lipids and improve fat burning

Growth hormone igf and insulin cut out 3 weeks out

8 iu gh ed + 15 iu humalog insulin post


Use igf lr3 150-200 mcg pre workout on workout days

Use mgf peg 200-300 mcg on non workout days

4 weeks out

Test prop 480 mg weekly 120 x4

Primo 800 mg weekly

Ostarine 30 mg Ed

Yk11 20 mg Ed

25 mg proviron Ed

20 mg Cardarine Ed

Last week of gh insulin protocol

Weeks 3 to 1 week out

Test ace tren ace blend 300/300

Primo 800 mg

Winny 50 mg Ed

Halotestin 20-30 mg Ed

Yk11 20 mg Ed

100 mg proviron Ed

20 mg Cardarine Ed

1 week out

Primo 1.4 g weekly or 200 mg Ed

Tren ace 300 mg weekly

Winny 50 mg Ed

Halotestin 20-30 mg Ed

Yk11 20 mg ed

100 mg proviron ed

20 mg Cardarine ed

Diuretics 3 days out maybe