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Mar 17, 2020
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Thank you Aztec gold for everything you do for this board and everyone in it. You are truly a class act.


Jan 13, 2023
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So first I’d like to welcome you and congratulate you on finding a website like Anabolic Steroid Forums or if you see members use the abbreviation ASF. I congratulate you because going back 10 years ago finding a website like this would have been the answer to so many men and to most… the answer to their problems. Now, we are all lucky enough to have forums like this all around us and the access is so easy. However what is not easy is understanding how to navigate your way through a site like this. You see the camaraderie and the men joking in one thread all while you have a serious discussion in another. If you continue reading other threads it’s great information however if you were like me… you are looking for a way to process it all and understand what to do. You dont want to
wait days and days or weeks to understand this website… absolutely understandable and if this is you keep reading.

I’d like to welcome you right now as currently you are in the Azteca Gold sub-forum. What does that mean exactly? Well I will tell you and I’d also like to explain to you how this website and other sites like this work.

I can still remember the first time I was sent a list online. Boy did I not have any idea what I was getting into nor did I understand how the process worked… as I began to get more lists I remember thinking to myself and questioning if I was going to be ripped off. I began asking myself how did I know what I was getting actually contained what I was purchasing. I, just like you, also considered what I was doing AND if my money… my hard earned money was going to be safe, in good hands, and I was going to get the products I ordered, at the milligram I was ordering them and lastly that the product was going to arrive at my place.

Although that was a long time ago for me it has not, and will not, ever leave my memory. You have the same in common with every other gentleman on ASF as those are all the factors men and women are looking for everyday.

Which brings us to how do you know who to go to? That question can be followed up with… okay I have found the source I am going to go with but how does this process work? These are all good questions and allow me to answer some of them for you or at the very least shine some light on your options and how this process looks like going forward from here.

First.. ASF has sponsors who are on this website. Each sponsor has their own sub-forum and they are all allowed to post their own threads, posting information, upcoming promotions or monthly sales for certain products, members are also allowed to post in these sub forums as well. Usually when a member posts in a sponsors Sub Forum they are going to that sponsor to ask a specific question or get some feedback from other members who have used that specific sponsor in the past. These sub forums are chalk full of information and usually these sub forums are enough to make up your mind on who you are going to go with (meaning which sponsor you’d like to purchase products from). There are other sections in ASF like the ‘Source checking and discussion’ section where you’re permitted to ask open questions about certain sponsors or you have a certain question about a sponsors compound(s).

You’ve settled on a sponsor. Perhaps you have several… there are fine outstanding gentlemen on this board just like myself who are called REPS. These representatives are there to help the sponsor they work for but more importantly they are put in place to be on the front lines answering questions and aiding any member that needs help. This help usually doesn’t pertain to the entire website as whole but rather the sponsor they work for. Assisting with orders, emailing and communication, small issues that might arise and really they are there to assist you. Just like I may be assisting you now… you will find the other REPS on this board that are far more helpful than I and they are all fantastic at their jobs.

Once you have a sponsor in mind and you have found your way into their sub forum you may find yourself reading up on this particular sponsor. Take Azteca Gold for example… you may be wondering has anyone tested these products? Well scrolling through the threads you would see a thread with all of AG’s compounds that he has had tested by a 3rd party. Once you’re in that thread you’d scroll down to the compound you’re thinking about and you’re able to click on it and it shows you at what milligram it was tested at. This is peace of mind and this helps show you that AG himself cares enough about his products to send then out for testing as well as pay the cost for that testing. All important parts of finding the right source for you.

Finding an Azteca Gold REP or REPS is easy but how do you know how much things cost and how the process works? You want to PM (private message) the REP and you are going to ask for an updated list. If you click on the name of the REP you will see a selection labeled ‘Start a Conversation’

Once you click the ‘Start a Conversation’ button you are now able to PM this REP. Please keep
In mind if you are very new to this website and you have under 10 posts this most likely isn’t going to be an option for you right now. What you will need to do is get your post count above 10 or sometimes it’s a little more. Please feel free to use this thread and post “1,2,3,4,5,6.. etc” just keep posting in this thread until you get to 10 posts or until you’re able to start a conversation with someone.

After you’ve requested a list you will get a message back and in that message you will receive an updated product list w/ pricing and simple instructions on what to do from there.

Now due to board rules I’m not allowed to go into details about payment methods on the open board. This would also be a great time to remind yourself after reading this thread to find the forum rules and read them in full. If you are new here you’re going to want to know what you can do and what you can’t.

All sponsors are different and all have different procedures so I will not dive into that aspect of things. Here at Azteca Gold or AG… you will receive an email address and simple instructions on what to do from there.

As an Azteca Gold representative I would like to welcome you to the board. It doesn’t matter if this is something you read and this thread is a year old or if this is 5 days old… if you have any questions please know my door is always open and you can PM at any time. If you would like an updated product list that includes pricing please send me a list request and I will make sure I get one out to you asap.
Very helpful thanks for this