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April Promo

Muscle Juice

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Feb 1, 2024
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Get Shredded!
We have aquired some expired ZPHC products, and the situation begs the promo due to that fact. Despite being expired, the gear itself is in good condition.

As you may know the expiration date is not as important for most steroids, and thus it is safe to use.

Now to the Promo itself
Purchase 1 Hilma product locally, and receive 2 expired ZPHC products of your choice. Works with any number of product, so if you order 2, you get 4 for free, for 10 - 20, etc.
There is no minimum if you order this way.

Additionally, you can purchase the ZPHC by itself, however there is a $150 minimum in that case.

The shipping for the duration of the Promo is FREE.
Email or DM us to participate in this promo.


ZPHC Testosterone Propionate -22$
ZPHC Testosterone Cypionate - 30$
ZPHC Trenbolone Enanthate - 40$
ZPHC Boldenone Undecylanate 32$
ZPHC Nandrolone Decanoate - 35$
ZPHC Oxymetholone (injectable) - 32$
ZPHC Trenbolone Acetate - 35$
ZPHC Drostanolone Propionate - 30$
ZPHC Metenolone Enanthate - 30$
ZPHC Stanozolol Water Suspension - 20$
ZPHC Oxymetholone - 40$
ZPHC Fluoxymesterone - 42$
ZPHC Methandienone - 22$
ZPHC T3 - 18$
ZPHC Turinabol - 25$
ZPHC Stanozolol - 22$
ZPHC Mesterolone - 25$
ZPHC Oxandrolone - 40$
ZPHC Anastrozole - 20$

The products have an expiration date ranging from September to November of 2023.

The promo will be available for the entire duration of the month or until ZPHC stock runs out.