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Appointment Time..


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Dec 29, 2013
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Get Shredded!
I received a call this afternoon from the Clinic I've been talking too..
Even with incomplete records, this is the Next Phase..
This will be a sit down and option discussion..from what I've read about, many New Treatments are coming out..
Not many have this Rare C,even less still around and TBH,None more committed than I...!!!

And Boys..
It's getting fun now..
Throat is in constant pain and discomfort..like marbles in my throat..and they hurt..
Swallowing isn't fun anymore..

But I Choose this Path..this Journey..Knowing fully aware of what laid Ahead..
Increasing More Difficult and Painful Times...
And Brothers..I'm prepared to do it twice if I have Too..
Bring All...all that once frightened Me..
Do Your Worse to make me Coward..
Gather All..All that You C can Gather..and we will Stand face to face,as life as our Octagon..
To finally enter into a Ring two too One...The Only Rule..

In that Ring..that Ring you mostly dominate...
In My Most Difficult and Painful Time..I will experience and indulge in the Thing I've Dreeded to Overcome..
But Only Briefly..
Because Then I've Beaten the Dragon...!!!

Then "The Return"...
Good luck Z, and may this be a game changer for you should you get accepted into that program and fingers crossed that treatment works!!!
Does your doc have all your records?
Does your doc have all your records?

One Hospital continues to refuse sending Records, but I'm looking at Legal help to start filling cases..it's enough with the BS..

Now it's time to get an appointment set and get up there and see what's available..

Nothing will ever happen here where I'm At...
Time to get in the Ring..