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Anyone cares about Japan to release the nuclear water?


Nov 9, 2016
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Anyone cares about Japan to release the nuclear water? These mother fuckers saying that they are treated water and they are drinkable, if it is true, why the hell they just drink them all?
Nucleus bombs are fake bro. Nuclear radiation is fake. There's a video and the dude was swimming in one or the pools and drank water from it.

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Nobody gives a shit, within a couple of generations we will see the consequences of cancer and mutations, but those responsible for dumping the water will already be dead. In addition, it is difficult to relate the cause with the effects with such a long distance.

And the world is probably busy with some other made-up crisis.
Nobody gives a shit, within a couple of generations we will see the consequences of cancer and mutations, but those responsible for dumping the water will already be dead. In addition, it is difficult to relate the cause with the effects with such a long distance.

And the world is probably busy with some other made-up crisis.
Agree, the human kind is so crazy, the future of human kind is died out.
I'm so curious, they annouced that the water is safe and drinkable, why not they just use the water for irrigation or send them into the Japs' water system instead of to the Pacific.
So my guess is , the water is in fact NOT safe, it's a danger to the world. August 24,2023, remember this day, it is going to be the first day count to the extinction of mankind.
People don't realize their stupidity until it's too late
This gear I’m pinning must be radioactive cause it’s been making me mutate!!
LOL, you must be kdding,
so you don't care about another new shit which can bring you mutation?
LOL, you must be kdding,
so you don't care about another new shit which can bring you mutation?
I have no knowledge on the subject. I don’t care about anything that goes on outside of my home or place of work or gym. If it was up to me I would’ve nuked this whole planet a long time ago. Just figured the gear mutation thing was perfect for the thread title lol
I find it amazing that Japan is being allowed to do this. With all the radiation already released on this planet over the years it's just crazy!
Maybe we will finally get real life cat girls

Release the Kraken

This week, Japan started releasing treated radioactive wastewater into the ocean from its Fukushima nuclear plant.
No, this isn't the premise of this summer's hottest blockbuster movie.
In response, China announced a full ban on all seafood coming from Japan. The move escalated an already tense feud between the two countries.
Is it safe? The Japanese government says it's making the wastewater safe by diluting it with seawater and releasing it very slowly...
  • The International Atomic Energy Agency approved the plan and said it is consistent with international safety standards.
Some information in my market briefs this morning
Oh yes, it sounds like a totally trustworthy agency, free from corruption and bribery.
I know nothing about the agency and never heard of it before. Just passing along some information. Also there isn't a single agency on this planet that's free from corruption. People+money+power=corruption
My point is that only an idiot would have confidence in this type of supranational agencyes, something like the WHO. If there are problems, they would blame the Japanese government and its agencies. In addition, the governments themselves have always lied to their populations about risks of this type.

In any case, there have been many other nations and organizations that are against of this solution, such as China, which of course has both political and food health interests since its fishing area could be affected.
laser fires, nuclear water, child sacrificing blood lusting pedophiles that make decisions for the unproductive consumers and slaves of the new world.

We’re are in hell. All of us. We didn’t make the cut this time around. But, hope isn’t lost. Let’s us come together and give the vampires in power a run for their money. Every man who understands that freedom is a verb should rise and ride against our oppressors and annihilate the wickedness of this world with the edge of the blade of truth.
They say this is actually really effective way to filter the radioactive decay components of nuclear waste. Interested to see there findings.

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Very sad especially for the ocean life. I have a saltwater fish tank with lots corals and invertebrates. Cant imagine what this will do considering they are so picky in their living environments. Just another part of this beautiful world we live in thats being destroyed.
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Coming soon...

I wish with all my being that truly happens. But I know sadly Mr. Zilla won't erupt from the depths...
Arex Jrones and Joh rogran aready tarkin about it…


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Tepco’s License to Kill: Dispersal of Radioactive Waste as Disaster Response


Image of radioactive sign in a field.

Japan is set to start pumping billions of gallons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean on Thurs., August 24, from Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s (Tepco’s) devastated triple reactor meltdown site at Fukushima.

This deliberate contamination of the public commons is a license to kill, a criminally reckless endangerment of sea life and the food web. Yet the 1992 ban on ocean dumping of radioactive waste applies only to barrels thrown from ships, not liquids sent into the sea through pipes. Further, the Law of the Sea allows victims to bring legal action only after an alleged harm has occurred, and then puts the burden of proof on victims to show that their illness(es) were caused by a particular radioactive poison.

The nuclear industry and its government protectors run this game of radioactive waste dispersal using bailouts, bribes, and the lengthy “latency period” — the time between one’s radioactive contamination and the appearance of cancer, heart disease, etc. — which produces radiation victims years or decades after the “Fuku sushi” they ate. The nuclear industry has always depended on the fact that its chance of losing a radiation damage lawsuit is somewhere between a slim one and a fat one.

The catastrophic Fukushima earthquake-tsunami-meltdown-cubed has forced Tepco’s overseers of the three ferociously radioactive masses of melted uranium/plutonium fuel, or “corium,” to continuously pour cold water on to the unapproachable wreckage. Combined with rivers of groundwater that gushes through quake-smashed cracks in reactor foundation, the water becomes poisoned with radioactive uranium, cobalt, strontium, cesium, plutonium, and more. The failed Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS) has not removed these or other deadly isotopes from the wastewater now stored onshore in giant tanks. The New York Times reported Aug. 21 that, “According to Tepco’s website, just 30 percent of the approximately 473,000 tons of water in the tanks have been fully treated to the point that only tritium remains.”

[Japan to Release Treated Water From Ruined Nuclear Plant Despite Concerns]

Spewing radioactivity is standard industry practice

It’s no surprise that reactor-friendly governments and the International Atomic Energy Agency (whose mission is to promote nuclear reactor proliferation and to lie about radiation risks), have given Japan’s oceanic pollution scheme their seal of approval. All of them have repeatedly declared that dumping radioactive wastes into public water bodies is ordinary industrial practice and legal around the world. With straight faces, the authorities chant in unison that reactor operations contaminate the environment with radioactive liquids all day, every day, and this is somehow intended to demonstrate that such contamination is natural and danger “negligible.”
At La Hague, France and at Sellafield, England, giant reactor waste complexes process waste fuel rods, producing billions of gallons of highly radioactive liquids, and for decades the carcinogenic offal has been pumped directly into the North Sea (by France) and the Irish Sea (by England). Dr. Chris Busby, scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk which studied internal radiation contamination, has found cancer clusters among children along the Irish seacoast — likely caused by internal exposure to Sellafield’s radioactive emissions.

Scientists, ecologists, medical authorities, environmentalists, historians, and oceanographers have repeatedly pointed out that there are practical alternatives to the dumping, and that nothing positive can result from adding radioactive pollution to the environment and the food web. The British Medical Journal only last week published the latest in a long series of studies [1] that have found again and again that exposure to low levels of radiation is more harmful than scientists previously thought. [2]

The Japanese government and Tepco hope that their global dispersal of reactor disaster waste will save the industry enough money that it can stay afloat against the astronomical costs of post-Fukushima liability and disaster response. Thursday’s start of Japan’s globalized pollution solution raises the chaos and deadliness of reactor operations to new heights, while the authorities claim from their bribery zones that nothing can be done about either hand guns or nuclear reactors.


[1] British Medical Journal, Aug. 16, 2023, study finds the risk of cancer death after exposure to low-dose ionizing radiation underestimated. [Risk of cancer death after exposure to low-dose ionizing radiation underestimated, suggests nuclear industry study]

[2] “Ionising radiation and risk of death from leukaemia and lymphoma in radiation-monitored workers,” The Lancet, July 7, 2015; “Even low-level radioactivity is damaging, scientists conclude,” Science Daily, Nov. 13, 2012; “With New Data, a Debate on Low-Level Radiation,” New York Times, July 19, 2005; “Epidemiology: Russian Cancer Study Adds to the Indictment of Low-Dose Radiation,” Science, Nov. 11, 2005; “Study: No Radiation Level Safe,” Associated Press, June 29, 2005; “No dose too low,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Nov/Dec. 1997; “Study: Even Low-Dose Radiation is Dangerous,” Reuters, Oct. 9, 1997; “Radiation health effects understated, study shows,” AP, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, July 25, 1995; “Researcher discovers greater radiation risk,” AP, Milwaukee Journal, Dec. 9, 1992; “Radiation risks may be more than believed,” Los Angeles Times, March 20, 1991; “International Panel Urges Cut In Allowable Radiation Dose,” New York Times, June 23, 1990; “Higher Cancer Risk Found in Low-Level Radiation,” New York Times, Dec. 20, 1989; “No Safe Radiation,” Scientific American, August 1958.

John LaForge is a Co-director of Nukewatch, a peace and environmental justice group in Wisconsin, and edits its newsletter.
So, just how much nuclear waste do you think N Korea puts in the fucking ocean??

Pretty sure that fat moon faced fucker Trump had a sleep over with dumps radioactive waste into the Sea of Japan every time he has a jack off moment and pushes the launch button.

Just like he did when Trumps boyfriend Putin went there for the last slap and tickle.

Maybe it’s time for you so called American Patriots to start supporting our Allies instead of making this shit up as you go along.
blacks are calling themselves the Nword and want segregation, japs are nuking themselves, men are winning at women sports, we are giving billions to nazis in ukraine, jew space lasers burn mauii, ufos, and now kid rock is drinking bud light, WTF is going on