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Anybody have any experience with Test/tren use after gastric bypass?

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You dickheads are part of an anabolic forum. You can preach "coach" all natural diet discipline all you want but you are not doing the same when it comes to muscle/strength. It's fine to use the "cheating way out in one aspect of life but not the other?.......before you respond with "steroids aren't cheating they still take discipline ". Know this, gastric bypass takes the same discipline for weight loss. It's a tool I decided to use just as you with anabolic. So if you have no actual first hand experience how they affect someone that has had weight loss surgery gtfo!!
Nah it's not the same pal.

I was over 300lbs in 2009, a gigantic fat shit like you. I didn't have a Dr cut me open and close up a major portion of my stomach. I changed my lifestyle (no drugs) and lost 100lbs over the course of a couple years.

YEARS later I started using anabolics because I wanted more from what I was ALREADY doing. I was already doing shit right. I was eating a strict diet for years, training for years, researching for years, (I would have known the answer to your question simply by doing my own research because again, I'm not a fucking lazy beta) and because of YEARS of changing my lifestyle, I choose to make what I was doing more productive.

It didn't make a motherfucking thing EASIER though, it made shit HARDER. You don't get that though. You think using anabolics and a cut gut is all the same because you're just ignorant to hard work and dedication.
Diet stuff gets really touchy around here. When you think about it, diet is the hardest part of what people do. Going to the gym is fun, force-feeding yourself and then starving yourself is miserable. I think some guys who have legitimately mastered their diets, and more power to them, get pretty prideful about someone who needed surgery. I don't know, maybe I would have eventually lost it the natural way but I hadn't been WILLING to through most of my life. The surgery worked fantastic for me. I lost 140 pounds and have kept it off for 6 years. Doing it naturally is best but I don't care about nature. If there's a medical treatment that can dramatically improve my life, I'm all over it without a hint of shame. Same with test, it's not exactly the natural route. That's why guys who lift natty have the same attitude towards those on test. You're some sort of "weakling" because you're "cheating". Whatever dude, I don't care what you think of me.
Wondering if anybody has any experience using gear after gastric surgery?
I had the sleeve 6 years ago. Lost 120 pounds and kept off 100. But I’ve worked out and gained muscle. I am on trt therapy and hgh daily injections. I tried Anavar and got much harder from it and stronger. But i agree to really get benefits you need caloric intake especially protein we just can’t get down daily. I am 50 look good and healthy and have the libido of a teen from the trt. Also i get my gear from a dr who checks my blood fully every three months.