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Another Gear church TD!! The man the myth the legend!


Sep 18, 2019
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Get Shredded!
It's been a Lil while since i ordered from church. I had a health issue come up so i layed off for a lil while but been
Using him since 2019 and im ready to be back ! I've always been able to trust im getting top notch quality & potent gear from him why I keep coming back and everyone that runs his gear knows what im talking about. But being straight up i really cant say enough About how much of a solid sponsor and good dude he is.. He has always had fire! And I'm not getting shit for saying all this just giving credit where it's due, the dudes Always looking out and goes above and beyond to help his clients compared to other sponsors... Anyways I made a good size order of a few test E, one Tren E , deca,Sustanon, a Anadrol and A ATIPP...not all for me some was for a brother but I used to always get the ATIPP blend and Test Iso those were some of my favorites.Church rembered I used to always get those and threw me some! Thats love and a Blessing shows what kind of sponsor he is! Thanks bro!

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