Short Steroid Cycles with High Dosages versus Long Steroid Cycles with Low Dosages

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    Question Short Steroid Cycles with High Dosages versus Long Steroid Cycles with Low Dosages

    Short Steroid Cycles with High Dosages versus Long Steroid Cycles with Low Dosages

    Question: “I’m new to anabolic steroid use. For the amount of steroids I have, I need to decide between hitting it hard for a short period of time, or getting many more weeks of use at more modest doses. Which is the better way to go? Will this change as I get more experienced?”

    Answer: For the new user, the most effect from a given gram amount of steroids appears to be achieved at about the 600-800 mg/week level. In some cases depending on the individual, the lower end might be as low as 500 mg/week.

    This isn’t from the perspective of a larger amount somehow being less effective than a smaller amount, but rather, that for example 10 weeks at 800 mg/week will likely give the novice a little better results than would 1000 mg/week for 8 weeks.

    So if your situation is that you have a limited amount of anabolic steroids, then the most efficient use is a moderate dose such as 600-800 mg/week for a period preferably not to exceed 12 weeks and even more preferably not to exceed 8 weeks.

    If what you have is more than this, then it would be more efficient to plan more cycles rather than to plan longer ones. For example, three 8 week steroid cycles will do more for you than will two 12 week cycles.

    The above shouldn’t be taken to mean that even where supply is not so limited, anabolic steroid doses such as 1000 mg/week should be avoided if wanting to be efficient. That’s not the case at all. The above is referring only to when supply is constrained.

    The dosage range needed for efficiency will change as you accumulate results. As illustration, upon reaching a muscular size where for example 600 mg/week will leave you at a stasis or near-stasis, it would be more efficient to use a higher dose.

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    I can't say I agree with this at all. Less is more and always has been UNTIL you reach a certain level down the road after much training and diet. Even then I think personally and I know I'll get a ton of shit for it, but the doses thrown around by some people on their 3rd cycle is absolutely ridiculous. I really dont think people fully comprehend how powerful these drugs can be. They enhance you, they don't do the work for you. Lets not forget that someone blessed with great genetics is going to get better benefits from a smaller dose than someone at the other end of the spectrum doing Mr. Olympia doses and wonder why they don't even compare. Just my thoughts, not at all gospel. There are so many variables between people that its irresponsible to paint with a broad brush that someone/everyone will benefit with this or that type of dosage. Also what might have worked last summer may not work this spring same as your training. You cant just pump yourself up with a bunch of shit for 8 weeks and assume you'll get a better result than 10 or 12 weeks. It takes 2 weeks alone just for long acting esters to start working. Just my 2 cents, but again I'm also not a Dr.

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