The White House has suspended the practice of publishing public summaries of President Donald Trump's phone calls with world leaders, two sources with knowledge of the situation tell CNN, bringing an end to a common exercise from Republican and Democratic administrations.

The White House has not published a readout of a call between Trump and a world leader since mid-June when he called to congratulate the Hungarian prime minister on his re-election victory. Don't expect Trump to change soon. He has many things that need to be kept hidden from most American citizens. Many of his calls with Putin won't be understood by non political people and would be misconstrued as leaning towards Russia. Trump does not want to share any information about his dealing with other autocrats.

After Trump spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in April 2017, the two sides offered vastly different accounts of what was discussed. Trump got caught lying during the conversation with Trudeau and doesn't want that to keep happening.