In 1995 when AstraZenecaís very own Anastrozole brand: Arimidex was officially approved for usage. This is considered as Aromatase-inhibiting (AI) drug. Other brands under this category are also being sold in the market.

The body produces a lot of natural elements to make sure it functions properly. Cells have different needs. Enzymes like aromatase are required. But when itís not stimulated the right way, it may not work according to what is expected. Instead of keeping the balance, itís stimulated to convert the testosterone hormones into estrogen. And this causes a lot of issues. This is why using Arimidex is imperative.

Learning the risks
Drugs and substances that are designed to be effective are also highly potent. It means that itís not managed right, it can easily turn against you and be the cause of issues. Itís very common for people to not follow the prescribed dose and increase it on their own because they feel that it will be more effective this way. This AI doesnít work that way.

If the right dosage is followed, even the experienced bodybuilders who are beginners at taking this wonít have any issues.

The ones that are using it for therapeutic reasons had to constantly consume Arimidex dosage. In order to effectively treat the cancer cells, itís imperative to make use of these things regularly. According to these clinical trials, Arimidex didnít display any type of side effects towards the patients.

Properly dosage guidance

Every person will have a different need. The bodyís response, when introduced to a new substance, will be different. Itís also the logic behind why one drug that works for the other wonít always work for you. The bodyís reaction is one factor to consider when considering the dosage.

Checking the blood work would help specify things.

More than that, the need of your body should also be considered. The specific condition youíre in is the biggest determining factor.

For most bodybuilders and experienced users, 0.5 mg is a good enough dose for daily intake. Itís also imperative to remember that you need to refer to your steroid dosage as well.

Some bodybuilders have a different practice. When theyíre starting to experience the development of gynecomastia symptoms and the other effects of having too much estrogen in the system, thatís when they decide to take the AI. This is not the right way to do things. Once the symptoms starts thereís no going back.

Proper dosage should strictly be followed for results and for safety.