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13 weeks left to the end of a 3 year transformation.


Sep 13, 2014
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Get Shredded!
Hey there all, This former Marine is coming out of the shadows as an avid reader of this site to recommit my desire to be in the best shape I can this coming year.
In 13 weeks (Feb 6th) I'm on a cruise for a week and I'm going to use that date as a debut of this past 3 year transformation I've been going through.
I currently use a trainer 3x a week and starting next week I'm adding a fourth day that I'll do on my own. Probably arms.
Im going to post progress pics / stats/ food/ exercises/ cardio and my cycle throughout the next several weeks to keep myself accountable and to get a kick in the ass if needed.
My friends already tell me I'm a success story from where I started. So I'll get the real truth here, LOL
This site and the pics have been very motivating and has got me this far and I have several hard working weeks ahead. Thank you guys so much for the awesome help.
Welcome to ASF Marine!
And thanks for your service!
Welcome bro

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Congrats on your progress.
Nov 8th progress update

So I had my blood tested on Friday and received the results today and need to making adjustments to my cycle and diet to adjust to the deficiencies. I'm getting assistance with this from my trainer.
Also here are a few pics of me just before I start my new diet.


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The Diet

So I need to shed the extra pounds and I plan to do three 35 min cardio sessions when I wake up throughout the week and the other days I'll do at least three hitt cardio workouts.
I've attached the diet plan.


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Today was the start of my new four day a week workout schedule ( Chest & Shoulders ) I've also added HITT cardio to the mix for late afternoons. At least four times a week.
I've also downloaded an app this past weekend that I'll use to take daily pics of my transformation and I'll post weekly pics and stats for this endeavor.
The new diet started today was easy to pack up for the day and overall was satisfying.
Today was just a HITT cardio and AB day so I'll use this time to post my current cycle.

Weekly I'm currently taking the following:
500 mg Test / 250 mg Tren / 200 mg Masteron / T3

Daily I'm taking the following:
120 mcg Clen / 50 mg winstrol / 20 mg Halo / .5 mg arimidex

i plan adding HCG to the mix this week.

Also worth noting, this is my 15th week of an 18 week cycle that I'm going to bridge out to the seconded week in February.
Today was a hour long leg workout day and it it kicked my butt. I also had a dentist appointment this afternoon that took three hours to take off 3 temporary crown caps and replace with the permanent restorations. So I skipped cardio since it was a leg day to begin with, and instead had my weekly cheat meal tonight with good friends at an Italian restaurant.
I also took T3 today as it turned out to be a higher then normal calorie intake day.
Here we are Friday! The week went by fast and I've managed to stay on the calorie restricted diet. Sitting here in bed now pounding out this update, I could diffidently find my way to the kitchen and chow down on something! But I'll resist and drink some water instead.
I've also have done HITT cardio five times this week, and I'm starting to tighten up as the veins on my arms are more pronounced. Im still taking the daily progressive pics and I do see some changes in them as well.
I've been thirsty more often and my piss has been a bit dark, so I need to be more conscious of getting more fluids in the body.
Also worth noting, I've been a bit mellow or not as focus as I normal am but this has been the first week with the diet change so I'm going to see how this plays out before I make any changes.
I've been getting plenty of sleep but I feel as I could sleep some more. I hope that's do to growth. As for the sex drive that hasn't been an issue at all with nightly and morning woodies more often then not.
So tomorrow (Saturday) is just a regular cardio day and I'll take a pic and post it after I'm done.
Well as promised after today's earlier 35 min cardio workout a few shots after a week of the new diet and the added cardio. I'm now entering into my seconded week of the 13 week count down. this morning I took some time and singed up for some tanning sessions to get a little color on this white skin. I like the stand up booth and I covered my junk with a sock to protect it from getting burned. I'm glad I did as I did get a little toasted.
I'm also going to pin tonight the cycle I laid out earlier.


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Bump in the road

It's been a busy week thus far trying to fit in all my lifting workouts before I leave on a trip tomorrow afternoon to Virginia (just outside of DC) and coming back Sunday.
I just pack up all my daily pills and did my scheduled pinning tonight and will pin again when I get back Sunday. (a day late)
I'll finish up with a leg workout in the morning before my flight, so all I'll have to do is cardio when I'm away.
The challenge is going to be staying on the diet and not drinking with my friends.
i did notice tonight while grooming and trimming up that my vains are showing a lot more in my arms and that in itself is motivating for me to stay the corse.
Get Shredded!
Back from a 4 day trip

Back from my 4 day trip to VA, and was for the most part able to stay on my diet and worked in my cardio at a local gym every day.
Today I was back in the gym for a chest and shoulders workout with my trainer. It felt great to workout after four days of just doing cardio.
I took a pic tonight to see if there was a negative change but I seemed to be fine and even might have leaned up a little. I plan to get the rest of my weekly workouts done by end of day Wed. and finish off this week with cardio everyday as I did last week.
Im going to try and see what my fat % is tomorrow as I would like to know where I'm at as I count down these next 11 weeks.
Thanks for following me on this journey guys.
Congrats on keeping your diet while on your trip & keep up the hard work bro

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After trip pic

I look at these pics I've been taking and I just say to myself keep doing cardio!


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Arms and Back Day

Today I had a great arm and back workout and the pump I got from it was awesome! Wish I felt like that all the time!
I've had a slight headache tonight and not sure if it's because I didn't drink enough today, so I'm chugging H2O to see if it helps.
Still a bit hungry tonight after my last meal for the day but the diet is working and I refuse to fall off the wagon. The pics I've been taking also aid in extra motivation needed to stay on course.
Tomorrow is leg day... So I plan to go all in on this as it's my least favorite muscle group to workout on my 6'4" frame, but it's not nearly the challenge it used to be a year ago.
I can't believe how much I've changed in a year looking back at what I look like when I started. When I was down in VA last week my friend didn't every recognize me when picking me up at the airport. That was awesome.
Hey there guys. Well I've been down in DC since Thanksgiving day for work and head back home Thursday morning.
I have been keeping up on my cardio here at the hotel gym most days and doing my regular workouts at a local gym a few blocks from the hotel. I'm attaching a few pics of this 4 story place because it's nothing like I've every seen. It has everything you can imagine.
I was able to stay on cycle as I sent myself a loaded pin to the hotel via the mail and it made it here just fine.
The diet has been good with only a few slip ups but nothing major and nothing a cardio session can't fix.
Although I've been farting up a storm because of either the 6 hard boiled eggs first thing in the morning (only two with yokes) or it's the 3 or 4 servings of whey protein a day I've been consuming to keep me feed on these long away from a kitchen days.
So Wednesday and Thursday will be cardio days and when I'm home I'll get my leg workout in and done on Friday.
The following week I'll be back on a normal schedule. I'll take pics and compare when I get home to see if there was any damage done.


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Back home from Washington and no more trips till my trip in Feb.
I hired a car to take me to all the monuments last night and it was well worth the money.
I got home early enough today that I was able to get a cardio workout in and it looks like I even lost a few pounds while I was gone! Yeah.
Attached are a few pics of my tour last night.


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Welcome to Anabolicsteroidforums from Team Z!
Leg day

It was great to get back in my local gym today. Everything was in its place and I could go from one pice of equipment to another without missing beat. And know who's going to be there when I show up to do my workout. I've even adjusted my time to do my workout based on the crowd at the gym though out the day.
Theres something to be said about regularity even though my gym is nowhere as cool as the place I visited in DC.
I took some pics tonight and at least I didn't gain any weight while I was gone and I hope I've harden up a little bit.
I'm going to start doing cardio seven days a week going forward to attack my mid section as this last bit has been stubborn to come off and my diet has been pretty clean.
Also next week workouts I'm going to kick it up a notch and really try to go heavier or maybe even try the mind/muscle connection concept that I read in one of the threads yesterday.
Thanks for your input guys!


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