'Mass casualty incident' reported in Waukesha

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    The dems were always really good and keeping racism alive. I wouldn’t be surprised if they finally get the race war they’ve wanted since slavery was abolished. Unfortunately, a lot of young blacks peoples don’t see the writing on the wall. I say strike out some land in Southern California/southwest Nevada for EVERYONE who doesn’t enjoy the United States nor feels compelled ,while living in this country, to adopt our cultural norms. Round up all the race hustlers and all the pedophiles and all the ACAB defund the police and all the CRT lovers and all the white fragility white men are responsible for every bad thing that’s ever happened people … and let them have their own country… complete with well secured border walls… also take all the corrupt politicians and force them to stay in the capital behind their own little walls and move the new capital to Dallas or Spartanburg or the Appalachians.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kilsong View Post
    Well... he's black.. so at least u know he's not racist.
    That's all that town needs is some more racist shit.
    Well except he’s literally a black supremacist

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    And BLM is a racist group. (Pro Black, Black Power, etc).. Which I have ZERO issues with.
    Just like "White Power" Pro-White, people should not have an issue with that.

    You can be proud of your race if you want. You can dislike others if you want. Normal human behavior.
    Acting out on it, a whole different animal. That Im not a fan of.

    You know, like BLM riots, Xmas Parade killings, and "Jogger Aubrey" shooting/killing.
    All horrific acts...

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