Trying to get my wife pregnant. Not working.

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    Trying to get my wife pregnant. Not working.

    Hello all- Im a 34 year old TRT patient. Ive been on TRT since my early 20s due to an inoperable pituitary tumor. Through the years ive blasted and cruised. I had my first child back in 2018. All i did was lower my testosterone dosage and start a regimen of HCG and Clomid. It worked great and got my wife pregnant quickly.

    This time around I have been on HCG and Clomid for a few months and shes not getting pregnant. I just got a blood test and wanted to post it here to see if anyone can help shed light as im sure many AS users come across this problem in life. I see my doctor again.. but not until Sept 23rd and i really want to figure this out. Ive discontinued Testosterone Cyp completely and am continuing 500ius of HCG/day and 25mg of clomid daily. Im going to try to get a script for a sperm analysis too.

    blood test attached.
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