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    If only half of the participants are female does that still qualify as a “chic fight”? Lol If so my money is on NY Angie. New Yorkers are traditionally just nasty mofo’s. Especially the women.

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    This is an old thread that i am just reading now.

    The OP did not check his spam folder for
    my reply. I'm sorry, my replies*. I have emailed him several times and have not received any response from him. I gave him instructions and part of the instructions were to send me info so i can confirm his payment. He never gave me a confirmation # or transaction id so i am unable to get credit for his payment. When paying with Zelle, i must fill this out to submit the zelle payment. I do not have the zelle on my phone that i can just check for your payment. It doesnt work that way in this illegal game.... I cant submit without a confirmation # or transaction id or an image link of a receipt to get $ from zelle as its not my account. It is via 3rd party.

    We have contacted the OP( Sixlouienine) Several times and never received a response from him. If i were to guess, my email is going to his spam folder. So the problem is due to him, not us. Yes he sent us payment but we dont have the complete information required to get his payment. We have emailed that and he never replied to us.

    I need transaction ID as shown in the screenshot of our internal zelle pannel. I cannot submit it without it.

    I have emailed you this several times and did not hear back from you because you do not bother to check your spam folder.

    Below are screenshots with the OP asking him for the confirmation # several times..... Not a single reply.

    On august 16th you have emailed me that you paid me but also told me you didnt have a confirmation #... On august 17th, i replied to you and didnt hear back from you.

    On august 17th you emailed me, and i emailed you back the same reply i did to you. And no response from you either.

    on august 29th you email me again. and i email you again and you do not reply to me with confirmation #...

    on august 31st you email me again... and i email again and you do not reply to me with a confirmation #

    Next i email you from an entirely different email.... I tell you i need a confirmation #.

    i have asked you several times for a confirmation # or a screenshot of some type of receipt.

    You didnt think to check your spam folder when not receiving any emais from mel? Its my fault my emails went to your spam folder?

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