Sarm Ban Incoming

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    Quote Originally Posted by GYMnTONIC View Post
    Mrs Swolle went to Ikea last Thursday. I'm in Cali, and Lord god, greasy gov Newscum recently lifted all covid restrictions, except for mask mandates. Because masks really work, right? Anyway, vaccinated sheeple don't have to wear masks or face coverings, while unvaccinated people do.
    Since Cali doesn't currently have vaccine passports, yet, it is up to each individual business to decide if and how to challenge non-maskers.
    Back to Ikea, neither my wife or myself are vaccinated, but we still refuse to mask up in public. So my wife proceeded thru self checkout at Ikea as usual, but with no mask. Anyone who has ever been to ikea, knows they have huge screens at checkout, right about eye level. My wife leaves the store after paying and by the time she gets to her car, loads up and starts the engine(10 minutes tops) she receives an automated text message from our medical insurance provider, Kaiser...

    "our records do not show you to have had the Covid 19 vaccine. Have you? Please reply 'yes' or 'no'

    So either Ikea is using facial recognition software and reporting to our county OR this was just one huge coincidence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Augustine5I View Post
    Fbook banned me for 30 days bc I said "Heil Hitler" in a sarcastic post towards governor Murphy when he wouldn't lift the mask mandate. Indicating he was a dictator.

    I know they will most likely perma ban me. Wish there was a user friendly app. Parlor isn't so user friendly.
    I like Gab as an alternative and Telegram for uncensored news.

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