The mechanism(s) in which AAS INCREASE BLOOD PRESSURE

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    The mechanism(s) in which AAS INCREASE BLOOD PRESSURE

    While the exact mechanism(s) in which anabolic steroids increase blood pressure have not been completely proven as fact, there are a few highly probable mechanisms that are believed to contribute.

    AAS have been shown to cause an increase in renal Renin. Renin is a hormone secreted by the kidneys that goes around and activates another hormone called Angiotensin. Angiotensin in it's base form has no effect on blood pressure, however once activated by Renin it converts to Angiotensin-I which has a slight increase on blood pressure.

    Then a second conversion occurs. Once Angiotensin is converted to Angiotensin-I, it makes its way to the lungs where it is converted into Angiotensin-II via the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). Angiotensin-II is a very potent blood pressure increaser and acts directly on the blood vessels to cause large increases in blood pressure. Based on the evidence above, if someone needed medication to combat AAS-related hypertension (high blood pressure) it would seem that the ACE Inhibitor type would be the best option.

    Angiotensin-II also stimulates the release of another hormone called Aldosterone. Aldosterone is also a potent contributor to high blood pressure as it is a potent vaso-constrictor which shrinks the diameter of your blood vessels increasing the pressure of the blood flow. Aldosterone also causes the kidneys to retain salt and water which as we all know increases blood pressure.

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    The mechanism(s) in which AAS INCREASE BLOOD PRESSURE


    Aldosterone antagonists
    Aldosterone antagonists (*spironolactone*, *eplerenone*) also known as “potassium sparing diuretics” block the action of aldosterone inhibiting the reuptake of sodium and water. Normally, when sodium reabsorbed it is exchanged with potassium which is then excreted. Since aldosterone inhibition decreases sodium reabsorption, it also decreases potassium excretion resulting in higher serum potassium levels.

    Spironolactone is indicated (class IIa, level of evidence B) in systolic heart failure with recent or current New York Heart Association functional class IV symptoms, preserved renal function and a normal potassium concentration.

    Spironolactone(Drug Name)
    Common brands: CaroSpir, Aldactone

    It can treat high blood pressure. It can also treat fluid retention (edema) and high levels of the hormone aldosterone.

    Just some extra information because Spiro can lessen effects of your cycle but...(risk vs. reward)

    Is spironolactone an anti androgen?
    Spironolactone both reduces adrenal androgen production and exerts competitive blockade on androgen receptors in target tissues. Spironolactone has been used off-label in FPHL for over 20 years. It has been shown to arrest hair loss progression with a long-term safety profile.

    This is for information only and is not to taken or used as advice of any kind.

    I will say, a lot of people are scared to take medications that can help with problems caused by cycling for fear of sex drive, less results, or side effects(all). So, I personally weigh my risk to reward and after having my physicians point of view and true science based on proof. I always use my health and longevity over smaller sides. Quality of life is a big factor in use or non- use of a food, supplement, or drug. If something can save my hair, skin, or heart from damage but, it helps keep the WORSE sides away; I am always going to talk to my doc. An informed decision is always better.

    Gimme the Tren! Lol
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    That´s why i always check my blood work and when is over 14 per 9 i take telmisartan and some cialis and i fix the problem . of course anabolics increase blood pressure and also being heavy as a bodybuilder . When i was young with 70kg i always have low blood pressure but now with 100kg or more is impossible

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