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Depends on your definition of ďunnecessary thingsĒ if youíve ever experienced an injury or tendinitis to the point where nothing helps bpc and tb seem pretty necessary and also doesnít require a whole lot of effort to take either.

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Yeah he doesn't have a clue what real tendonitis is like. No amount of stretching an strengthening works once it's already bad. It only makes it worse.

Now, if you do that stuff before it gets bad it's a great preventive measure and will keep you from getting to that point. But once it gets so bad you can't hold a cup of coffee...good luck with therapy. I've been to two different good physical therapists and neither could help it until it healed. That's actually when I did the "self ABT" thread I had on here years ago lol. Now that worked like a champ...not something I'd advise most to try on their own though. Hell I wouldn't even do it now that I have the money for real PRP. But it did fix my tennis elbow after a year of suffering that even BPC couldn't fix